Beauty and the Rains

rainy-for-girls-beauty-in-rain-255374Fresh, young, healthy and radiant…this is how we want your skin to be this season and here’s how you can achieve just that…

As the season of winds, moisture and rains started coming on the doors of the city, people are getting more into keeping themselves safe from moist weather which brings darkness and dullness to the skin. “Indore girls are more often seen using good products to keep their skin natural and with minimal amount of makeup this season”, says Matrix beauty salon incharge Vanya Dwivedi. She says “As Indore has variety of women in the city, it has numerous types of demands and supply to girls of schools to colleges to offices that needs different looks for occasions. But the best way to stay carefree is to ‘stay fresh’. Washing the face is one of the best options as it removes all traces of dirt, grime, and makeup. Also, exposure to wind, sun and environment changes can also block up the skin pores. So, keeping face clean and washed is the easiest way to make your skin happy this season. Avoid soap, as it can dry your skin. Cleansing, face washes, scrubs and face foams are one the ways to wash your face with, she said.

Makeup and excess use of products is of no utility this season as rainfall affects the skin and makes skin extra moist and bring dampness to the natural radiance. Rishu Sinha, a student of DAVV feels that nothing looks more charming and stunning than a face that’s glowing with health. The natural radiance and glow is incomparable with that of loads amount of pan cakes. Most of us girls hit the panic button when asked “what happened to your skin? ’’, that follows are frantic trips to the salon, dermatologist or to the cosmetic store to stock up on creams and ointments. Skin damage is generally caused by:

  • Direct exposure to sun, which therefore causes tanning and pigmentation
  • Skin tanning and pigmentation which causes patchy skin
  • Excess use of products and creams which causes skin lifeless and dull
  • Improper eating habits which imbalances the skin cycle

. You don’t need to be a fitness freak to enjoy the benefits .squeeze in 20 minutes in your daily schedule for walking, running, jogging, swimming, dancing or any other physical activity of your own choice that interests you, says a local fitness centre owner Komal. The best way to have natural glow and radiance is to include more veggies, fruits and liquids to your diet. It is hard to digest the fact, but induce the intake of delicacies and feel the difference.

Chocolates, candies, pizza, French fries, burger and cookies! Delicious s they are, but these food items are definitely a foe to your skin. They cause blemishes and make the skin oily and, which can, in turn cause acne. The best way to keep the skin acne free is no consumption of fried food and aerated drinks, says Sapna Nigam, housewife. She has been following the beauty secrets which were taught by her mother. She says-“Eight glass of water is the best-kept secret of many beautiful women who are in their 30s and 40s”.

Anuja Shukla, beautician says that –“Women have to be little more cautious about their skin this season as indirect sun rays which are not seen because of the rainclouds causes dampness and roughness to the skin.” Only applying moisturiser and sun block would not help. Girls should be aware about the effects of harsh Ultraviolent (UV) rays damaging your skin, she states. Long exposure can leave your skin blotchy and can also cause premature wrinkles. Also, scrubbing is great option to rub the dead cells of the skin which results in making the skin dull and pale in complexion. Exfoliate at least twice a week to reveal a new radiance and glow.

Rainy season can be best enjoyed with minimal makeup. Avoid makeup whenever you can. Your skin needs to breathe. This can also be taken as a good point that city girls are not much into makeup and artificial overdone of things. Surbhi Sharma, a student of Engineering says that girls should only stick to popular brands and ones with fewer chemical. Regular and excessive use can cause break-outs, rashes, dry skin and discoloration. The best way to keep oneself safe this season is to carry umbrella, wear sunglasses and also to use a good sun block which is enriched with SPF in it.

 Did you know?

 Hollywood actor Eva Mendes reportedly hangs her face upside down from her bed before going out for a party. This makes the blood rush to your face and gives you an unbeatable natural radiance. If this one is really scary for you, splashing chilled water on your face yields the same result.




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