How to Get Rid Of the Sun Tan

Dry, Pale, Abused, Parched and Sunburned skin makes you and your skin look and feel like a cactus?

Actually, the culprits are high temps, heat and even air conditioning. Yes Air-conditioning, as continues exposure to low humidity lowers down the skin smoothness and makes it dry. All these damage the natural balance of oil and moisture and therefore the skin stops looking and feeling healthy.

Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing are the most things to eradicate skin tan. Even washing the face thrice a day with a good quality skin cleanser, face wash and scrub is essential to make the skin bring back its own natural skin tone and glow. Experts say that applying sunscreen generously every morning to exposed skin about 15 minutes before you go outside. Also, reapply after swimming, showering, sweating and bathing. Also, always select a sun block with sun protection factor i.e. SPF because that gives your skin the most protection. Clothing is one of the best sunscreens you can have; make sure your clothes are loose with covering you up.

‘In the morning, apply fruit or berry juice all over your face or neck. If your skin is dry or irritated, follow with sour cream or oil. Then wash your face with cold water.’


What to do?

  • Avoid the Sun until the skin has healed completely. Sunburnt skin loses its protective barrier temporarily, and becomes more susceptible to subsequent burns.
  • To reduce inflammation and pain, pop an aspirin and take as directed until the burn fades.
  • Soaking yourself in a bath of cool or lukewarm water laced with a handful of baking soda will also ease the burn.
  • Try not to pick or peel the skin that’s beginning to flake; those dry patches actually protect your skin.
  • Next time, as prevention, always wear a broad- spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of atleast 15 and reapply in every 3-4 hours.


The hot and humid weather which leads to skin tan also encourages Rashes. A common one is called as ‘Summer Rash’. This fungal rash is caused by an overgrowth of yeast, causes uneven skin color and scaling on various parts of the body. A rash also leads to discolored spots on the body.


  • Keep your scalp clean and wash hairs with an anti-dandruff shampoo to avoid scalp rash.
  • Keep skin folds and the area between your toes dry as possible.
  • Wear loose fitting clothes, natural fibres and fresh undergarments and socks.


Tanning is the most immediate result of this process, but individual spots occur too. Darker skin types are more prone to hyperpigmentation. Over that, medications like birth control pills, hormonal supplements, or antibiotics, increase the photosensitivity of your skin, and hence the risk of hyperpigmentation.


  • Minimize Sun Exposure during peak hours; cover up if you have to step out.
  • When you are exposed to the sun’s rays, wear a hat, sunglasses, etc. Don’t forget to look out for UVA and UVB protection in your sunscreen.
  • Pay Attention to your diet. Consuming anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants will help your body fight free radical damage.
For removing skin tan, use a toner for normal or dry skin and astringent for very oily skin right after cleansing. This will help close pores and skin lightening.




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