How to Apply makeup on Oily Skin

Having an oily skin is one of the hardest things to maintain. As Oily skin retains moisture and has less absolvent potential as compared to normal and dry skin. Therefore, ladies with oily skin face troubles to maintain their skin.

Also, people with oily skin gets a lot of sweat, therefore it becomes difficult to put up and then sustain that make up for longer hours. Also, after certain hours, make up on oily skin leaves up some discolored patches which makes the makeup look ugly and filthy. Hence, before putting up any sort of a make-up, it’s really important to wash your face with an oil-free face wash or Foam-Free Cleanser. After that, take an ice cube and rub it in circular motion all over face and after some jiffy of minutes dry your face with a towel. Then, use a dry based foundation and apply the pancake all over on your face.

Ladies with oily skin should never use liquid based foundation. They should always prefer cream based foundation or dry foundation.

Now after the foundation sets up, apply astringent based power which makes the makeup look complete and the changes of patches visibility gets less. After this, you can complete you look with lips, eyes and hairs.

Also, comparatively the chances of acne and pimples are more with oily skin type. So, to hide acne/pimple always use the exact color matched concealer to hide them. Also, always try to use bronzer and eye shadow of dry texture and not the crème base ones.

Every week pamper you skin with china clay, rose water, Vitamin A based products like papaya, tomato, carrot etc. and hazel. This will absorb all the extra oils from your skin and makes it look healthier and with less oil.

Besides Make-Up:

Not only Make-up but even we all tackle the problem of oily hairs. This is generally because of the oily scalp which retains all the moisture and then brings out oil and makes the hair look oily and sticky. Here are some of the oily-hair tips to make your hair look non-oily and non-sticky:

  • Always apply a good quality OIL-FREE shampoo only for your hairs. Also, try to use conditioner as less as you can because generally people with oily hairs have silky smooth hairs so conditioning will add an extra smoothness and moisture to the hairs which will make it look really thin and glossy.
  • Yes, it is true that the best solution to take out oil from hair is to wash them washing oily hairs every alternate day is indeed important and a must for every person with oily hairs.
  • It is very essential to put in oil. People with oily hairs generally think that putting oil will make their hair look oily and greasy. Not true, as you can apply almond or olive oil in your hairs prior to 2 hours of washing the hairs. This will give your hairs all the important oils yet will make your hair look silky and smooth after wash.
  • Also, whenever you style your hairs, make sure you use less of greasy style products like serum and hairs crèmes, instead apply style products after completing the hairstyle, e.g., If you’re making a braid then apply a drop of serum or sprayer after completing the hairstyle.

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