5 Make Up Tips for Wedding

Wedding is one of the biggest fat things in our Indian culture. That is why it is really very important to look spots less and clear while attending any sort of the wedding. Not only for the bride, but everybody who are part and participle of the wedding needs to look heavy and tip-top.

Here are some of the most interesting tips to look great and fabulous, with making your own wedding statement in a wedding.

1.  Bridal Make-up Tips:

It is generally heavy and complex. The reason always bridal makeup is kept heavy is because every individual in a wedding ceremony glance their eyes on the bride. Here are some of the exotic makeup tips for brides to make a different and interesting makeup:

  • Always, the first and foremost step should be to hide the spots of the face. For that, always apply concealer as the base of the make-up.
  • Also, the shade of the concealer should be a shade lighter than the shade of the foundation
  • To get the extra glow, Use two different shades of foundation for your face. Firstly, apply the Matched one all over the face and then take the darker shade and apply it to the areas like nose, cheeks, chin and forehead which will not only give glow to the face but also will highlight the features of the face
  • Use dark shades of lipstick on to your lips, as this is generally a long hour ceremony and lighter shade will comparatively last for lesser hours than the dark ones.
  • Don’t try too hard to get the Bollywood heroine kind of make-up because that might look eye captivating in the movies but might not look that great to your skin complexion or face cut. Therefore, try to trust the makeup artist and have your own kind of taste in makeup and ignore the copied ones.

2.  Smart Makeup Tips For Wedding:

  • Many women think that makeup should always be matched with the outfit. It is not true! Besides thinking about the matching thing, you should think about what colour and makeup type will extenuate the features of the face. But, always take care of the fact that those colors don’t clash up with your dress.
  • If your eyes are little or tiny, then try to apply shades of grey, brown and beige color. Also, apply darker shaded near the eye-lid area and lighter near the inner sides of the eye, smudging them through. This will make your eye look bigger.
  • If you don’t want to highlight your eyes then use a darker lip shade and make the eyes settle and soft.

3.  Quick Wedding Makeup Tips:

  • For keeping the looks balanced and not loud, keep either hair or makeup heavy not both the things at the same time.
  • If the wedding is in the day time, then try not to experiment much with the makeup, keep it minimal with blusher, mascara, light shades of lipstick and gloss.
  • Avoid typical maroon color shade. Try to use different colors like red, plum, florescent pink to enhance the better shade of you.
  • Eye makeup should always be cream based. As It is long lasting and also powder based eye shade can smudge into the eyes which can cause irritation to the eye.

4.  Minute Wedding Makeup Tips:

  • If you have thin lips, then avoid using dark lip shades. Use light or bright shades instead.
  • If you have thick lips, then don not outline your lips.
  • If you have fair complexion, then instead of applying dark and English colors to your lips/eye shadow, try to use soft colors like pink, peach and orange to give fresh and soft look.
  • If you have dark complexion, then apply earthy tones to your eyes and lips.
  • If you have naturally thick eye lashes, then try to use clear or transparent mascara to your eye lashes.
  • For bringing instant glow to the skin, use shimmery highlighting liquid foundation after the base foundation.

5.  Avoiding the big makeup Blunders:

  • Avoid copying hairstyles and makeup from Bollywood movies. Or before applying them, have a recommendation from a specialist.
  • If you haven’t done with the manicure/pedicure, and your nails seems dirty or not clean then try to avoid florescent color nail paint and try to use the darker shades which will hide the flaws of your hands and feet.
  • Always try to wear jewelry which is going not only with the outfit but also with the makeup.
  • Before applying heavy makeup, cleanse your with deep pore cleanser. Also, try to use soap free cleanser to maintain the natural glow of your skin.

These are the wonderful wedding makeup tips which are essential to get that beautiful Indian Fat wedding look which is classy, attractive yet easy to go. 


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