Beauty Tips for Teenagers

We generally feel that our skin needs care and pamper in our 20’s and 30’s. A Myth! As Our skin is the most sensitive and are on their ascending time period, i.e. in our teenager times. The period between 13 years-19 years are the crucial years of a girl’s life to make the skin great or to make it a barren surface. Therefore, it is really important to take care of the skin in every manner possible whether it’s eating, applying makeup, habits or anything. Hence, every teen and also their mentor/mother/ sister must know what to do, when to do and how to do with our beautiful skin.

The first and foremost step should be to make the skin and body naturally nurtured. Adaptation of cosmetics and artificial pancakes in such a small age can lead the skin to get habitual of it and eventually the skin gets ruined and filthy because of it and starts losing its natural growth. Hence, here are some of the beautiful ways to nurture your beautiful, young bud skin to blossom like a flower naturally substantially:

  • Giving a gentle massage to the skin with cleansing milk or a good quality moisturizer every alternate day will make the skin muscles to breathe in and out with exfoliating the dead cells and making the new ones.
  • Have 8-10 glass of water every day, without fail. As water brings in natural glow to the skin. Also, try to have coconut water once or twice a week. It is really beneficial.
  • Avoid Junk Food as much as possible. As it leads to bring in pimples and acne to the skin and deteriorates the skin development.
  • Using less styling products like hair creams, sprats, serums, pancakes. Let your hairs splendor naturally, let your skin breathe.
  • Say No to Alcohol and Drugs.

Consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs at this age can not only harm your skin but also imbalances your body control

  • No Copy Cat!

Usually, during teenage times, girls have their idols in their head and try to become like them in this way or that way. This can affect their personal styling plus can also mismanage their skin system. So girls, grow a little, and then try out all your idols makeup to dress up tricks from tip to toe.

 The Biggest problems of teenagers: Acne & Pimples

Most of the teenagers face the problem of acne and pimples which generally are said to have been genetic in one. But, technically acne and pimples occur also cause of other factors like:

1.  Eating Habits

2. Time Table and Schedule

3. Skin Type

4. Pollution and dirt

5. Genetically

Etc…………………………….So on

Moreover, keeping our skin acne free and pimples is in our hands. At least all you girls can do some simple things like eating the right thing and maintaining the body metabolism by proper and systematic diet, as being in a teenager state, food is one of the key ingredient to maintain skin and body substantially.


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