Maintaining a Long Distance Relationship

Love…Pure, Selfless, Defined, Commitment, etc. etc. etc. These are the synonyms used to define love. But is it really enough to make it survive life with your beloved in this practical life where love can be REPLACED with a new partner.

Irrespective of that, there are many other relations who stand straight uplifted without living in the same city, state and even in the same country but still they live upto that synonyms of Love .i.e. PURITY, SELFLESSNESS, and COMMITMENT. Today, in this practical scenario the ratio of such relationships have become 3:10, according to the recent survey by a magazine. So, there is no as such discovered term as “LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP”. This term is created by the 21st generation which is more inclined towards their priorities and needs rather than feelings and commitment. Therefore, this has become mislead that long distance cannot last forever or being in the same city is important is impossible. The only need is to have Patience, Love, Honesty, and the will to be with that one person forever. Therefore here are some of the good ways to maintain a long distant relationship:

  • Keeping In Touch:

One of the simplest ways to lead a happy relationship is to always have the ins and outs of each other’s life. And if both of the partners are at different places then it becomes way more important to make the importance felt in the lives respectively.

  • Trusting, and not Questioning:

The most essential point in a long distance relationship is TRUST. As besides the fact that both of the persons are together emotionally, practically both have different lives at their respective places. So there is a need to have total trust on each other. It also helps in developing understanding and balance between both the partners.

  • First Companion, then Lovers:

The best way to lead your love life is to make it Lovable. It can only be possible when both the mates are comfortable with each other. And that comfort comes when both of them are open, genuine and are more than just Lovers. And that sort of understanding can only come when both of them take each other as their greatest of friend or like an advisor. The feeling of being intact with each other should never come between the two.

  • When in Doubt, Say it Out:

Keeping your anger, doubt, or anything within yourself and keeping it preserved for future is stupidity. This only exaggerates things between the couple and makes it worse. Therefore, solving the problem then and there is really important for couples living separate as the only way to be with each other is communication which should never be hindered with anything.

  • Honesty, The Best Policy:

One of the best ways to maintain not only a long distant relation but any relationship is to be honest. Honest about things, lifestyle, feelings, anything and everything. Honesty eases up things. The person who is honest in a relationship stays guilt free forever.

  • Communication is important, but not over communication:

It is really important to stay connected. But like it is said, “Over of anything is injurious”, same ways talking/texting/mailing each other 24*7 can lead a relationship to boredom. The feelings of waiting for each other, giving space for other important things, etc.  brings in that starve and crave to talk to each other, to meet and to be with each other.

  • Visit each other often:

Being in a long distance doesn’t mean that to have understanding and not meeting since long. That’s a really wrong perception many people have in them. Visiting each other, meeting, spending time is really very important especially in a long distance relationship. Try to take out some time atleast once or twice in a month to be with your lover for some time. Also, it’s not only just a guy’s duty to visit but also even girl’s should take initiative and go to visit their boyfriend.

  • Spice it up sometimes 😉 :

Giving surprises to each other like sending a gift via internet shopping or maybe having a romantic video chat once or twice a week can bring in that extra oomph in a relationship. It is really important in any relationship to be compatible mentally and physically. Therefore it is really important for long distant couples to not to degrade that essence of spiciness from their relationship.

Therefore, keeping it simple yet loving is in the hands of our love and commitment towards the person with whom we are in love with. These points will definitely be helpful people who are living in a long distance relationship.

“Living away is not an issue, Issue is to live away and still can’t”


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