How to Woo a Woman……

Wooing a Woman is a difficult chase. A Woman’s turn-on’s and turn-off’s are tricky and moody. You never know what a woman wants at what time. Therefore, it is really important to know some basic tricks to attract a woman.


One of the best ways to turn a woman’s attention is to smell good. A woman is highly pumped by good fragranced man. If you want make a woman’s attention, and then a good mild fragranced perfume is the best step to woo a woman in a party or club.


It is said that “flowers are a symbol of freshness”. Also, because they make women fresh and happy. Therefore, if you really want to woo a woman then a fresh bunch of her favorite flowers is a great option.

Healthy Flirt:

Many of the guys don’t know that girls like to flirt. But conditions apply is that they like it to be subtle and classy. Cheap and idiotic flirting can puts a girl’s mood off. Healthy flirting like complimenting the girl in a different way can be one of the options.


It is often said that ‘A good personality is God’s gift.” But “The Best personalities are Man-Made.” Therefore, to make a woman fall, you must have a dashing aura around her to make her attracted towards you and your charm


The Best way to woo a woman is to make her surprise. Girls generally love receiving surprises and if a guy is good at it, it automatically becomes a cherry on the cake. Hence, it is really very important to woo a girl by unexpected surprises.

Making A woman Laugh:

The best way to woo a girl naturally is to increase her interest in you. And that can only happen if you enable to make a girl giggle. Keeping her happy and cheerful is a sign of a mature guy. Hence, it is very important to make a girl happy and laughing all through.

Therefore, these are the basic things which should be kept in mind while making any move for a woman. A guy must always know what are the turn-on’s and turn-off’s for a woman.


  • Being nice not only with that girl but also with her friends and family will add on a point to your personality.
  • Stalking a girl is old fashion. Girls like guys who are spontaneous and different. Hence, instead of waiting for the right time grab the opportunity.
  • Instead of calling a girl “HOT” and “SEXY” Call a girl with adjectives like “CUTE”, “BEAUTIFUL”.
  • Don’t try to make a girl ‘WAIT’ for anything for so long. Because girls generally hates to wait.
  • Don’t try to be touchy and clingy. Gentle touch is good during conversation but being too touchy can affect her adversely. (you might get a slap also for such behavior)
  • The most important fact is to be “supportive”. Girls are sensitive in nature hence; they really need support and care at every step of their life.

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