The Next Girl Dj

Some years ago, I remember my dad telling me, ‘You call this noise Music, Go to a club and play it, not in my house’. 

I don’t know if it’s my dream, I don’t know if it’s just my passion.

I even don’t know where it’ll take me… If I’ll be a conqueror or a tapper or a sipper watching someone else to take my dream. But Yeah, I want to be ‘The Next Girl Dj’.

I planned sometime ago to visit a dj and get a course done but didn’t know that i had to spend all my savings for a certificate course. I didn’t shatter. I laughed on my financial condition and moved on. But, soon i realized that I can move on but not my will; The word ‘DJ’ was on my mind.. The word ‘DJ’ is on my mind..

Today, I have started saving money for it, but they


say spending a good amount on a djing course is a waste. I smile and don’t say a word, somewhere i know what i have dreamt for. And a dream like this cannot be a ‘go goa gone’. It should be thought… executed….& timely actioned…

It may come today, tomorrow or maybe 10 years later, till then I am preparing for that day… when i’ll be known as the ‘Next Girl DJ’ and people will roll, tap and enjoy on my beats.


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