This is it!

Once married, you will never be called as bachelor again. So, why don’t let’s justify the statement, ‘why should guys have all the fun’ and play a hard and blasted bachelorette party ever.

Bachelorette parties are more than just a party. It is not only about raunchy dance moves by the strippers and adventure swings. Clearing all the myths, the party is about a celebration of friendship and life.

Traditionally, bachelorette party occurs the weekend before and up to a couple months before the wedding.

Typically, the duty of planning to execution of the party falls upon the maid of honor and the bridesmaids. But, today it generally happens mutually between the bride and her mates.

In India, the concept of bachelorette party is still guy’s kinda thing. But, here’s a bride’s bachelorette party to woo every bride-to-be to have one.

To make sure you have a night (or a couple of them) that you will never forget; make sure you tick off everything on our perfect bachelorette list: 



There aren’t many opportunities in life when you can behave however way you want, so all you need to think is that you make the most of your bachelorette party and let loose. Plus, it is the best way to stress off the tension; you’ve been hounded by around the marriage.


Finding ways for you to go really wild will depend upon the type of person you are. Generally, the best way to let loose all your stress is to have a rejuvenating spa session, mellowed by spongy hands from a sexy guy. What say? Hope your husband-to-be wouldn’t mind. WINK.

Also, Adrenaline activities like bungee jumping or sky-diving are also a perfect way to make you go extremely wild.



Not every woman, but most of the women try to look their best for the wedding day. The truth which matter is, once your wedding is over you probably won’t have the motivation to keep up your new beauty regime. So make sure that at your bachelorette party, you feel like the hottest woman alive.


To make the most of it, first of all you need to splurge on a dress that you absolutely love. If you’re not used to wearing revealing clothes, then tonight is the time you should feel okay with, so try on things that you wouldn’t normally even think of wearing.


Your bachelorette party should fill you with confidence that your friends will be there for you through the best and worst times in your life. The party should make the most of it to reaffirm your friendships.


You all should organize games and things that you all mutually used to do and love to do. If the girls attending your bachelorette party aren’t familiar with one another, playing some icebreaker games will for sure help.



Who should host the party?

It is usually the maid of honor who hosts it. The bride is not supposed to host her own bachelorette party. However, the bride should always be considered on the date, venue and guest list.

Who should pay for the party?

The bride should never pay for her own bachelorette because it is done in her honor. The bridesmaids should share with the financial cost.

Is it okay to hire a male stripper?

Try to determine first if the bride will be amenable to a male stripper during the party. You should take care of the fact that her groom-to-be should not get upset before the wedding.

Who should be invited to the party?

Usually, the bridal entourage is invited to the party.









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