Snowy fog all around the sheds, sexy overcoats & shawls, a hot coffee mug in front of your favorite television show and a cozy blanket wrapped around. That’s what is termed as a typical winter enjoyment ride, right? But, ever imagined the fun to go out and play with this cold breezy season?

These shorter days can be spent in a much more enchanted way. So, pack your bags and make way for an amazing trip to some of the most amazing winter places that can swing your head like pendulum.

1. Prague, Czech Republic:

With eyes captivating architecture and snowy winding streets, Prague looks like a paradise in the winter months. This surely is a place to be as this place gives an old vintage feel because of its turrets and Romanesque vaults. An eccentric old town kind of a city, Prague is a romantic city which is a highly recommended city for young couples.


  • Choco Café is one of the oldest and famous cafes of Prague. It should be must visited for all the 1st timers.
  • Also known as a fairytale hotel, The Alchymist Grand Hotel is a perfect place to stay in if you have no budgeting issue for your Prague holiday.
  • Gas street lamps are the beauty of the Prague city.

2. Ottawa, Canada:

A city of festivals and celebrations, Ottawa’s Winterlude festival is one of the largest winter festivals of the world. Apart from this, the city has stunning monuments and sculptures to win tourists heart on. If you are a festive person, visiting Canada in the months of December, January & February can be an overwhelming trip for a lifetime


  • Don’t forget to try the authentic Canadian cuisine.
  • The Arc Hotel is one of the finest hotels of Canada, offering complimentary champagne for guests in the winter-autumn season.
  • Ice rink is must in the months of January-February.

3. Edinburgh, Scotland:

A green colored city, Edinburgh is a breathtaking city in the time of winters. Beautiful gardens, cobbled streets and icy skating rinks make this place a wonderland to be at this time. If you are a hardcore winter lover, then this place is a best winter destination for all of you.


  • Princes Street Gardens are one of the best gardens of the world.
  • Arthur’s Seat is a place situated at the edge of the city which is famous for its top view.
  • Edinburgh’s vaults are the best place to know about the history of the city.

4. Reykjavík, Iceland

This is one of the coldest spots of the world. The most enchanted festival is the Winter Lights Festival which is the celebration of love and joy in the month of February. Outdoor geothermal swimming pools are the highlights of the city. It is recommended to take a view or a dip in these pools during your visit.


  • Hotel Marina is a very beautiful and colorful hotel which can be a good option for the stay.
  • Harpa is the place to definitely visit once.
  • For local food delicacies, The Dill Restaurant is a must try out restaurant.

5. Tromso, Norway:

Arctic’s most beautiful city and also the capital, Tromso is at its best during winters. This city is known for its lightning beauty. Apart from this, Tromso has stunning museums depicting historic expeditions and beauty.


  • Tromso Museum & Polar Museum is a must places to be at Tromso.
  • The Perspektivet Museum is beautiful museum depicting art and culture of Norway.
  • Try out Tromso’s famous shellfish for sure.

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