In Search of a Gentleman……

In today’s time where every individual is motioned to the term “equality”, being gentlemen had been termed “Archaic” by many.

Where our country on the one hand is moving towards globalization, on the other hand the gentlemen are being brutal, indecisive and ruthless to many women, children and families. The question is, where have all the gentlemen’s gone? Or they have been in the dinosaur zone lately.

I have always been a feminist by heart, but I adore and respect men who are chivalrous. Gone the times when a man used to take care of her woman like a queen- hold doors for her, doff his hat on her approach, rise if she approaches when he is sitting, take her coat, offer to seat her, push in her chair as she sits. Today, if a woman hits a man, he’ll hit back stronger.

Talking about young guys (supposedly of 20-30 years of age), they look elastic with no backbone. A true gentleman is considerate, consistent and trustable.
Considerate, who not only cares about his life, his career, his problem but also knows how to balance any relation he makes.
Consistent, who is balanced in his actions, nature, behavior, love and care.
Trustable, who keep secrets, understand situations and problems.

A gentleman is just not someone who dresses well and speaks nicely. To add up, a gentleman should be a reflection of what he wears and what he says from inside too. He should know how to balance it out between family and friends, wife and mom, girlfriend and office and most importantly to life and himself.

I don’t know if I would be able to meet a guy who digs out all my notions in the dustbin about today’s men/gentlemen but from my present state of mind, I can say that “It is hard to be GENTLE with MEN” 😉


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