Hottest trend in fashion: Color Blocking

Risk taking is not only adventurous but trendy in today’s fashion scenario. If you are not experimenting, it is not worth it.

Color Blocking is another trend which is inclined showcasing the spice of colors, fabrics and styles. It is not only combining various bright colors but mix matching the colors you like in a funky way. The bright pinks, oranges, blues, greens, yellows are the most perseverant colors for color blocking. It can be a combination of monotones and complimentary colors too. From clothes to bags to accessories, block designs can be put together and look fabulous.

The big and bold color blocking is for those who like drama and risk. According to a Mark Rothko painting, “Big, Bold and Beautiful color blocking is high fashion’s answer according to one of my paintings.”
Though, this can be a little too much for the ones who are not much into high fashion rituals and more into comfort. For them, the experiment can be done with the help of primary colors too. Think of Red, Blue and Yellow; they can also be worn with choosing the right amount of color blocking according to the occassions.

Taking color blocking to another level is another task. Accessories are one thing that can take color blocking to a higher degree. Funky belts, raunchy shoes and a slit bags can make you a high street diva of fashion. All you got to do is to take fashion to another level and try to experiment with your fashion conscious.

Do’s and Dont’s of Color Blocking:
# Don’t be shy to experiment. The lesser you care, the more you carry color blocking.
# Don’t combine too much colors together. Maximum of 3-4 that’s all.
# Cheerful bright colors are better for color block designs as compared to dull colors and pastels. Try to take brighter colors.
# Don’t combine two color blocking designs together as that looks shabby.
# Color blocking with monocrome colors like black and white looks edgy yet classy, that can also be experimented.


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