Dos & Don’ts of Indian Bridal Makeup

An Indian wedding ceremony is all about family coming-together, dance, food, functions, celebrations and of course a blushing bride who is the highlight of the occasion as every eye is on her as to what she’s wearing, how she’s carrying the outfit and how is the makeup done. Makeup is something which should be precisely taken care of. One mistake and it could spoil the whole bridal look.

Today, brides don’t like the gaudy makeup as they prefer it to be more minimalist and subtle to get the classy wedding look. Some simple tricks can assure you compliments on your wedding day.

So, here we present some of the most essential dos and don’ts for every bride to take care while having your makeup done for the big day:



  • Always go with your personal makeup kit. Avoid using the makeup from the salon as you don’t know what quality they are using.
  • Always use a bronzer to warm your skin tone.
  • Always use a water proof and sweat proof makeup as sitting for long hours on your wedding reception is a tedious task.
  • Golden-toned bases and concealers are better for bridal makeup as they look good in pictures so you’ll look prettier in your wedding video and album.
  • Always moisturize your skin well before applying the base. Moisturizer is essential as it protects the skin from makeup plus also holds the makeup on your skin for long.


  • Do not go for a face wax or facial before or on the wedding day. If you want to, then it should always be a week before the wedding day.
  • Do not go for any makeup experimentation without an expert’s consultation.
  • Do not Over correct or Over camouflage the under eye circles.
  • Never apply those shimmery highlights or light refractive makeups as they look unflattering if smudged or look unpleasant in the wedding pictures.
  • Do not over do anything. If your eye makeup is heavy then go for a simple lip makeup and vice versa.



  • Avoid lenses as you will have to sit for long hours and lens can cause irritation or burning anytime in your eyes.
  • Always use neutrals to highlight your eyes.
  • Use a good quality mascara and eyeliner so that it could stay for longer time.
  • You can also go for some fake lashes as Indian brides prefer big eyes with big lashes. These lashes can easily be attached with the help of glue.
  • Always have a good makeup around your eyes to cover the dark circles as dark circles don’t look good on any bride.


  • Over-do your eye lashes with too many coats of mascara. It doesn’t look natural and spoils the whole look of the eyes.
  • Do not apply lashes if you eye infection or if you have not used false lashes before. Practice first and then go for false eyelashes.
  • Do not follow the trend and experiment as after some time, the eye experiment would look like an embarrassment in your wedding album/video.
  • Use eye pencils to darken your brows. Do not go for anything to artificial.
  • Do not highlight your eyes with sparkling liners or shimmery eye shadows as they look gaudy.



  • Always remember that peach blush is for warmer skin tones and pink blush is for fair skin tones.
  • To achieve a dew natural glow on your cheeks, try a cream blush as its trendy and a good quality cream blush for your skin.
  • Always create a pout before applying the lip colour using a brush.
  • Before applying the lipstick, always outline your lips with lip outliner or with a brush.
  • Remember, lip outliner should always be a one shade darker than that of your lip stick.


  • Never apply a lipstick which is frosted. The lipstick will make your lip look pale and boring.
  • Never over-do your blush on the cheeks. It looks unwanted and unnatural and takes away the charm of the cheeks.
  • Never smudge your lipstick, like most girls do by smudging the upper and lower lip with each other.
  • Matte lipsticks look better than the shinning ones. Matte ones are long resisting too.
  • Never match your blush with the lipstick. If you are using pink, choose different shades.



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