10 Handbags in Fashion- 2015

Handbags are the vital necessity for every women of 21st century. Handbags are important as we women carry a lot of things with ourselves when we go to our office or for shopping or even while travelling. Things like our makeup essentials, mobile, charger, personal things like tampon or a wet wipe box are essential in the day to day needs.

Therefore, it is really important to have some amazing types of bags in the wardrobe like a big tote bag for everyday office, a sexy gold clutch for a weekend clubbing scene or a mini sling bag for a quick brunch date with your boyfriend. But, what’s most important thing is to know what kinds of handbags are in fashion and what kinds are outdated. You surely don’t want to be out of the fashion when it comes to handbags.

So, here we bring you the top trending handbags which are a must in your closet to sizzle your attire for different occasions:


This bag is easy to carry and is a cool accessory of you if you are planning to go out on a lunch/dinner date. Carry a sling bag when you are not out for long hours and when you don’t need to carry too much things with you. It’s trendy and it looks really stylish because of its chain.

Mini Chain Sling Bag


This is not a girl bag. This is a classy women bag. Bowler bags are luxury bags which makes a woman look like a lady of class and poise. These bags are trendy and give you a high class lady feel.

A Bowler Bag


This bag is ideal for women who are travelling or go for daily long office hours as this bag can carry everything. You can put in all your essentials and can easily travel across. Tote bags look stylish therefore you can choose your favorite color or design and carry this bag often for long journeys.

Mini Luggage Tote Bag


This bag looks amazingly chic yet is very spacious. You can even carry your laptop or iPhone 6 plus in this bag. The bag is ideal for those women who don’t like carrying a gym bag or a laptop bag. They can put all their essentials in this bag and get going.

Quincy Bag


This bag look super cool as this bag gives you a feel like you’re a boy. You can put it at your bag with wearing your boyfriend jeans and enjoy an evening walk to the gym like a guy.

A Backpack


This is the most casual bag of all. If you are in a hurry and you just can’t carry a super girly bag, this bag is just right for you. You can just wear it and walk as fast as you want to reach soon.

Cross Body Bag


Clutches are ever trending. They are something which would never be outdated though there is always a scope of renditions in clutch from time to time. A clutch is a friend to a woman from day to night. Not only ther are easy to carry in your hands but also are available in a variety of patterns and colors. What else a woman needs?

A Clutch


These bags are for those women who like to carry drama. Kitschy bags are never a Plane Jane affair. It’s always with some graphics or a cartoon, something very much bright and bold basically. So, those who want to make a statement, always have some amazing kinds of kitschy bags in your closet.

A Kitschy Bag


These bags are always classic and comfortable. These are basically for women who like to keep it simple yet classy.  Basically, middle aged women prefer grain bags as this bag comes in all the royal colors like grey, blue, black and white which may be too boring for young girls.

A Classic Grain Bag


Hobo Bags are usually the bags which are U shaped. They look really cute if worn with a cute tee and shorts. But, generally women who are office going prefer hobo bags as they are neither too mini nor too big in size and can easily carry all the required stuff in the bag.

A Hobo Bag


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