Different Kinds of Braid You Just Can’t Miss

Braids are neat, braids are tidy and braids give you this girl next door look too. They are the easiest hair-do to carry. You don’t have to worry about your hair strands, you don’t have to worry about your hair even if you are going at some windy place after making a braid and most importantly, it is a combination of style and comfort which is rare to find in any other hair-do.

We all know how to make a basic three-parting braid. But ever just wondered how these experts make these complicated braids with such perfection. From Fishtail to the French one, every braid requires some practice and trick which if you learn becomes easy for you to try them on.

But, the basic need is to know about these braids first and how they are made:


The Classic French Braid

This is the most commonly made after the three-parting braid. It is quite simple. You should first comb your hair back with a boar bristle paddle brush. Then, with the help of a comb or your finger (whichever is comfortable), take a section of a hair off making a V formation from the temples to the crown of the head. Then, divide your hair in three parts and begin braiding them by incorporating more hair one by one from top to bottom, each time you cross your hair partitioned strand over another. Repeat it till the point you want to put your rubber-band.


The Dutch Braid

This braid is also known as the Inverted French Braid. This is made just like you make a French braid but the only difference is that when you begin an inverted braid, cross the sections of hair underneath one another instead of over one another and rest is the same as the Dutch Braid.


The Rope Braid

This braid is pretty easy and stylish. First, make a ponytail of your hair. The choice is yours, if you want to have a high pony rope braid then make a high pony or if you want a low pony rope braid then make a plain low pony. Then create two sections and twist them in the same direction. After twisting, cross these two sections over each another and tie a rubber band at the end of your braid.


The Fishtail Braid

The one which looks the most complicated yet the most beautiful braid, fishtail is not that complicated as it seems to be. Let’s show you how.

First of all, section your hair into pigtails and hold the each section into two (one by one). Hold these two sections in your one hand and use the other hand to grab the small section of hair from outside of the one section. Then pull the strand over the other and then again take a piece from the outer hair section in the opposite direction. Repeat it till you reach the end. Then finish your braid with a rubber band. You can even go for a side fishtail as it looks even more stylish and is trending too.


The Halo Braid

This is an interesting one to try out. Part your hair down center and from the nape of the neck at the left side, start making an inverted French braid towards the hairline. Continue it until you finish braiding all your hair braiding. Then, tuck the ends with some bobby pins and whoa you’re ready to rock your halo braid.


The Waterfall Braid

First, make a center parting or a side parting (whichever suits you best) and then start making a French Braid from the right side of the hair to the temple of your hair. Then, section three strands and start making French Braids by dropping the outermost section of the braid to let it fall like a waterfall and thus it created the effect of a waterfall on to your hair.


The Skeleton Braid

This braid looks really interesting and is good for those who like to look edgy in their look.

First, section your hair in a 2.5 inch sections till the down. Then start braiding them in a Dutch Braid until you reach the crown of your hair. Then, combine the rest of the hair and make a three-strand braid till the end. End up the braid with a rubber band.


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