Easy Step to Get the Mesmerizing Glow on to Your Skin

We all love that flawless glow on our skins like Kareena Kapoor or Aishwarya Rai Bacchan. But, do you know the fact that to get such kind of skin you need to put in a lot of care to your skin. Dull, lifeless and pale skin can make any woman look like she needs countless amount of sleep and a week full of spa, but the glow on your skin affects your personality as well.

All you need to do is to put that extra effort in taking care of what products you use, what you eat and how much you eat. Here, are some of the easy steps to get that awe striking glow on your face:

Drink a lot of Water


The fact is that our skin itself is an organ. The organ certainly needs water to function properly. If your skin doesn’t get an adequate amount of water, the lack of hydrogen will make your skin look dry and dull. Dry skin has less resilience and has more chances of getting wrinkles easily.

 According to a survey, women should at least drink 9 cups of water every day to detoxify the body and in order to have a natural glow on to your skin.


Use a Toner Regularly


Using a toner after cleaning your skin is very essential as it even tones your skin. If you apply moisturizer on your skin, it is more likely to latch on and act on faster. There are a variety of toners available in the market so choosing the right kind of toner is very essential. Always use a toner which is in liquid form or use a serum based toner which is full of oil and plant ingredients that sooths the skin and enhance its radiance.




It is the extraction of the oldest dead skin cells that clings to the outermost surface of the skin. When done in a correct manner, exfoliation leaves the skin in a much smoother way.

 If you exfoliate your skin, the results can be seen immediately. Applying makeup to the skin becomes even easier after the process of exfoliation has been done with leaving the skin naturally glowing.


Using a Night Cream


While you’re sleeping, your skin replenishes itself. So, night creams helps in retaining the moisture of the skin before you hit the sack. A night cream is formulated with a hydration booster that attracts and locks the moisture of the skin in itself.


Applying Sunscreen


Heat and pollution leads to dampness in skin which ultimately results in sunburn. A sunburned skin is severely dehydrated. So, to moisturize and avoid sunburn to the skin, a good sunscreen is always recommended which has a high level of SPF protection and D3 to balance the skin’s moisture levels.


Eating a Balanced Diet


Here comes the most important element for the skin. Eating what is right and eating in the right proportion is essential in order to make your skin look glowing. Green vegetables, pulses and products which have a high amount of proteins and vitamins in them are recommended in order to have a flawless glow on your skin.












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