Ever wondered why you fail to know a person and their behavior at times?

At first, you feel like you know them and after a while, it’s a whole new person altogether in front of you. Not just this, it feels dreadful when you have a reality check of how it all began and how it all is in the current state.

And not just in intimate relationships, these apprehensions keep on knocking the door even in friendship and other relations.

But hey! it’s not that difficult as you think.

All you gotta do is to start checking out the person from bottom to top instead of top to bottom. And if you still haven’t hit the bull’s eye then it’s time to check out their feet. Duh!

And an individual’s feet can say a lot about their personality. If don’t believe me, better check out these amazing inside dopes:



Short distance relationship between the toes

Well, this person can be termed in our desi indian language as a “Chhuparustam” as a person with a gap between the toes is considered to be the emotional chhuparustam when it comes to sharing feelings. Such individuals try to hide their real feelings as much as they can. So, better watch out for some space in the toes before mingling up too up and close to such emotional atyachaaries.

CornsCorned Under-toes

A person with lots of workload on their head reasonably has stiffened or corned toes. They are considered to be a responsible and an assiduous individual.

Photo_of_Morton's_ToeWhen the bade papa becomes the chhote papa! 

People with longer second toe are considered to be a leader. They are meticulous, straightforward and love taking the lead. So, if you one; you surely make the most of your personality bruh!


Wide Foot Forward

Generally, we see a lot of people with wide feet. They may associate it with their height or athletic build up and so on. But, strangely people with wide feet are considered as exceptionally hardworking and dedicated. So if next time your friends make fun of it, you better show them my article. (tee-hee)

images (1)

Tiny Baby Feet

Not talking about the real baby feet, people with tiny toes and feet are considered to be childish and immature. They like to get pampered and love toys or watching cartoons.

So Nice! a partner with baby feet is a nice option if you don’t feel like planning family too soon or even ever.




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