The Reason Why?

Have it ever traversed over your mind as to WHY is this thing coming over and over in my head or WHY am I thinking about it too much or WHY did I not go for that opportunity, much much more.

Well, the reason might not be scrupulously known to us but the reasons can be partially be scrutinized.

Here what I have tried to devise some of the reasons of my WHYs…

  • The Reason WHY I lost my mind at that moment was because I didn’t want to lose your heart from mine
  • The Reason WHY I unfriend you was because friendships are never forced
  • The Reason WHY I lied to my mom was because I didn’t want to unsettle her mentally and physically
  • The Reason WHY I let you go was because you were never mine
  • The Reason WHY my heart got broken because it was never yours
  • The Reason WHY his truth disturbed me because it wanted to set me free
  • The Reason WHY I worked my ass off is because I was born to win
  • The Reason WHY I wasted so much of my time is so to understand the meaning of being starved before getting hungry
  • The Reason WHY people cheat is because they know it’s easy to get forgiveness
  • The Reason WHY Books are our best friends is because they don’t change
  • The Reason WHY we dream is because we don’t stop living
  • The Reason WHY it kills is to make us stronger
  • The Reason Why Bad Experiences happen is to give us reality check
  • The Reason WHY we need a shoulder is because we can’t tap our own
  • The Reason WHY we miss someone is because people go, memories do stay
  • The Reason WHY we worry for tomorrow is because we love the chase
  • The Reason WHY we make mistakes is because to never stop learning



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