Food Review- Little Italy, Indore

It was a Lazy Sunday Afternoon and I (like any other Sunday) woke up at 12pm, took a shower at 2pm and lunch at around 4. Hence, I was in a mood to have something considerably light yet delightful. So, I decided to explore this newly opened place in Indore, at BCC Vijay Nagar LITTLE ITALY. Ironically, not-so-little when it comes to space-area in this Italian feel bistro.

Quite spacious with long comfy couches and beautiful old school Italian interiors (a bit of contemporary twists as well), Little Italy would surely catch your attention asa you enter this place. Though, I and my two friends chose to perch at this lovely table for four seating area.

Not to forget, I love the wall paintings and papers!!!


Now coming to the main point, I loved the fact that they have a good amount of variety when it comes to the drinks. You can have mocktails, cocktails to beers to shakes to what not!

I ordered a LONG ISLAND ICED TEA, which I would say was not the contemporary LIIT in the first look, as (a) it wasn’t serve in the traditional long island glass, (b) also not with a long straw :p though, tasted really good and strong and like a well-balanced Long Island Iced Tea.

Thirsty and Refreshed, at the same time!


Long Island Iced Tea

Having said that the LIIT was strong enough, a little bit tipsy and all, I got myself clicked while surfing through their menu! (JK)



I have to tell you that their food menu has a lot of pizza and pasta options, hence, we decided to definitely go for a pizza, and hence, the head chef suggested us to try their special BOMBAY PIZZA, so we did order one (also because it had mushrooms in it).

Along with that, I was muddled whether to try their RISOTTO or THE LASAGNE or a PASTA- conclusively, went for their LASAGNE ALLE VERDURE.


Lasagne Alle Verdure


Bombay Pizza

The Lasagne was not made according to the Indian palate – it was authentic Italian, therefore, you might feel the tadka of flavours missing in it. A little elevation can make it taste much much better!

Ah! The pizza always makes me a smaller version of Joey as I just love devouring myself into crisp, full of mushrooms and cheesily sinful pizzas. Here, at Little Italy, it was very crisp, very cheesy though it lacked the amount of toppings I expected. But, a good amount and taste to fill in your tummy and happy face.

I also loved the coriander flavour and garnish on their Bombay Pizza. If you love a little sweet pizza, you can also go for their Exotic Pizza which has a pineapple topping over it!

Now, comes my favourite part which is the dessert and prominently I without a doubt wanted to try the CLASSIC TIRAMISU.



Well, I have to tell you that I have tried a lot of tiramisus but this one was completely contrasted from the others I had. It didn’t have much of the layering – it was a gooey -melt in your mouth  kinda Tiramisu. I think a traditional tiramisu is kinda like that. I wasn’t happy to see my dessert plate though the taste was quite likable – after all, it’s made from the coffee, it had to be tasty!

Phew! After having so much, my tummy was definitely happy but cannot say so as my wallet as this place is quite expensive in comparison to other cafes and bistros of Indore.

Check out the Menu and My Bill for yourself-


My wallet says HMMMMMM!!!! :p

My ratings,

Ambience- ☆☆☆☆ (One of the obvious reasons to visit this place is to see the beautiful walls and furnishings of this place)
Service- ☆☆☆.5 (The service is excellent, though they didn’t give me a long extra for LIIT) :p
Cost- ☆☆.5 (2k for 4 items = expensive shit in Indore)
Taste- ☆☆.5 (It may increase or decrease after I try their pasta and risotto)
Overall- ☆☆☆ (Can come in the first week of the month, SALARY TIME) 😉
Hope my review was helpful, can get in touch with me for any food queries or suggestions at
I’ll be back with a new place and new review soon!
Till then keep eating and keep your belly happy!:)



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