What My Belly Had At Lean Indulgence, Indore

                                                                                                                                                                                  For me, food has always been about comfort and taste but in the recent times, there have been terminologies introduced in consideration with the “health” factor, which has become a major factor in many of our lives. Terms like, “Gluten Free” and “Fat-Free” are the most common ones.

Hence, there is a newly opened cafe cum fine dine restaurant at New Palasia, Indore namely “LEAN INDULGENCE” that promises to customise any normal dish into a healthy one. So, I went over there to taste the various dishes that they offer. Though, I have to tell you that this place is cozy and small as compared to other fellow bistros; the ambiance especially the cue lights will steal your heart – very eye captivating!


This will surely bring a smile on your face “:)”


Belly and her Belly all ready to “Hog” 😀



Chef’s Special Menu 


Let’s see what are the things that my Belly tried over there  and what are things that it enjoyed: 😉


To be frank, I ordered these just because it was on the Chef’s Special Menu but they discernably became my favorites. Super light to eat, made with multigrain flour and topped with a lot of veggies, these 4 mini pizzas can accelerate your appetite.

PS: all 4 minis are of different tastes! #nomnom


Mini Pizzas


Being a healthy place to eat, I had to try at least one salad from the menu. Hence, I ordered a Chicken Caesar Salad which is also available for vegetarians where the chicken is replaced by cottage and parmesan cheese. I think this salad is a mixture of crunch and punch – as it has the crunch of salad leaves and bread croutons along with the punch (power) of chicken in it.

PS: Healthy and Tasty, at the same time 🙂


Tasty + Healthy = Caesar Salad


Available in two forms- veg (for Rs 400) and non-veg (Rs 450) respectively, the Mushroom and Cheese Pasta was creamy and full of chicken and mushrooms (because I ordered it with chicken, I guess the veg one will have a lot of veggies or any vegetable according to your preference). I love the flavors though this dish is not the speciality that they offer, so try it if you are looking out to have the pasta specifically, else there are a lot of better options here.


A little disappointing that they didn’t serve chips with the fried fish (maybe because of the health factor). Though, I love the taste of the fish – very unique as compared to the fish fries I have ever had. Their presentation is a plus point. The dishes look unique and tasty by their look itself.


Though, their smoothies look all the same; the tastes varied drastically. Pre-workout power smoothie is a blend of berries, banana, vanilla ice cream and honey, which I would say is ideal to have before hitting the gym or in the brunch time to energize your body for all day long.

Whereas, the chocolate smoothie isn’t the conventional chocolate drink as it too had a lot of nutritional ingredients like dark chocolate, banana and almond milk, along with choco chips garnishings.

I would not say that I loved the smoothies though you can try them for once.

PS: I like smoothies in yoghurt base more!


Pasta, Fish and the Smoothies 🙂


These are eccentric and different from the barbeque chicken wings as it has a lot of rosemary flavor in it. Also, these wings are served with a unique eggplant creme sauce that complements the chicken wings completely. Try this dish for sure!


Hot Rosemary Chicken Wings  😉


It’s not one of those ordinary burgers that we often eat. It has a juicy and tender lamb patty along with veggies and cheese on the top. I would sum up this burger as a wholesome meal all together as it has a multigrain bread bun, veggies and french fries on the side which is enough for a single person’s brunch or dinner meal.

PS: I like my bun not this big. So, if you like big burgers then you’ll like this one!



Lamb Patty Burger




Although my tummy was all happy and full after eating a lot yet I thought as a dessert lover and a chocolate lover, it’s a must to try their Chocolate Ganache Cake Slice.

Trust me, it’s yum! Loved the presentation, Loved the Ganache on the top of the cake and in the layerings of the cake and I Loved how the vanilla icecream tasted perfect with the cake. Full marks to the dessert.

PS: It’s Gluten Free! 😉



They also have an assorted bread, brownie and cookie section that consist of various varieties (gluten free, eggless, homemade, multigrain etc.). Don’t forget to check them out if you are a bakery lover. 🙂


My ratings,

Ambiance- ☆☆☆ (Lights and Lights and just for Lights)

Service- ☆☆☆

Cost- ☆☆.5 (Quite expensive, they can work on the prices especially on the main course):)

Taste- ☆☆☆ (smoothies can be better)

Presentation- ☆☆☆.5 (Pretty Good. Point 5  extra for the Ganache Cake) 😉

Overall- ☆☆☆

Hope my review was helpful, can get in touch with me for any food queries or suggestions at belly.k6@gmail.com and can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

I’ll be back with a new place and new review soon!

Till then keep eating and keep your belly happy!:)


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