What My Belly Had At The Revised A La Carte Food Menu Tasting Session at The Creative Kitchen Restaurant, Radisson Blu Indore

The Creative Kitchen Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel Indore is one of the finest fine-dinning places for Indorians. What I personally like about the place is that the taste of their Indian or continental or oriental cuisine is always astonishingly tasty and authentic.

Hence, this time I was invited over for the Revised A La Carte Menu Tasting Session over a lunch date with the some food bloggers of the city and of course the Radisson Blu team – Mr Rahul Joshi (General Manager at Radisson Blu Hotel Indore), Mr Amit Sehgal (Director of Food & Beverage), Mr Anubhav Bhan (Director of Sales & Marketing), Ms Nidhi Khatri (Marketing Manager) and of course the man behind this new menu Mr Sujeet Singh (Executive Chef).

The Chef told me the reason behind the idea of transforming their A La Carte Menu. I’ll tell you through:

a) Because many of us don’t know that this place has a great A La Carte menu in the first place, we just know about their great lunch buffet.

b) There are some exclusive Italian, Oriental and Indian dishes which have been invented by the chef himself that needs to be added for the a la carte lovers.

c) Check out the new a la carte menu that I am reviewing below and you’ll know why! πŸ˜‰


Welcome Drink anyone? Btw, you can choose between red and white wine, I chose to have both πŸ˜‰



Quick to make and even quicker to eat, Bruschettas are a crunchy munchy snacker to build up your hunger. I liked the way it had the right amount of toppings, the right amount of tomatoes and the right amount of cheesy-garlic taste to it.

The garnishings of the rocket leaves and parmesan cheese on the top were the highlight of these bruschettas!


Bruschettas in a word, “Crusty”

Tandoori Tartlets

This one is interesting! As it had what exactly an Indori palette would crave for. A mix of Tandoori Chicken with Mascarpone Cheese & Green Chutney which is served in a tart with garnishings of cheese and sev.

I loved the whole mix and match of the flavours, Goes perfectly well with my palette as I love Indori as well Tandoori food. Eat it and I beat you’ll repeat eating it. πŸ˜€


One word for Tandoori Tartlets, “Indori Tadka”

Golden Dragon Prawn

A typical oriental dish this is. And Prawns are anyway my favorites! It is a must to certainly try them when they are served so beautifully – On the top of the curried glass noodles along with a tint of vasabi. The pan tossed prawns on the top, umm. I highly recommend this to all the sea food lovers. #NOMNOM


One word for the Golden Dragon Prawn, “irresistible”

Bhuna Lagan Ki Boti

This one’s my personal Favorite! Before telling you about the dish, let me tell you that Lagan is basically a kind of utensil which is used especially for this dish’s preparation. These boneless pieces of mutton aka boti melts in your mouth leaving the fiery taste of the spices and juicy taste of the mutton in the mouth. Must Have, Must Have and Must Have!


One word for Bhuna Lagan ki Boti, “Appetizing”

Tandoori Malai Ke Phool

This simply was, “Heaven on the Plate”. I have never tasted broccoli this tasty in my life. The magic trick is that they take one whole broccoli and cook it inside a tandoor. But, my favorite part is the topping on the broccoli which is a mix of cheese and malai; gives a unique taste to the whole dish. My two thumbs up to the dish! πŸ™‚


One word for Tandoori Malai Ke Phool, “exclusive”


Minestroni Ala Liguria

Minestrone soup is already one of my favorites. But, the reason I loved this one too is because it was of the same classic Italian taste. I would not call it a soup, rather I would call it like the Italians like it, “A Broth”.

As soon as it arrived on my table, I could sense the fragrance of pesto from the minestrone soup which made me fell in love with the soup in the first place. #delish


One word for Minestroni Soup “The Broth” and Wild Mushroom Soup “Luscious”

Wild Mushroom and Asparagus Soup 

As wild as it sounds, the wild mushroom soup was as creamy as a creamy mushroom pasta. I loved every spoon of it. I highly suggest to have this one if you are a lover of cheese and mushrooms, just like me. πŸ˜‰

And not to forget, the taste of asparagus and thyme in the soup is distinguishable.


Catch of the Day

So, Chef Sujeet Singh explained me the concept of Catch of the Day. Every day there will be one fish dish randomly decided as the catch of the day by the chef for all the diners. This one must try because a catch is after all a catch, who wants to miss it? πŸ˜‰

And today’s catch was a white snapper grilled fillet of fish along with sauces and vegetables. I must tell you, the fish was tender and the dish itself is a wholesome meal for 2 people.


One word for this fish is “Tender”



Lamb Shank Osobaco

This is one of the very classic Italian dishes. Slow cooked lamb in red wine just melts in the mouth, leaving the juices and spices of the red wine sauce. I would recommend this to give it a try as it is equally tasty yet a unique food in it’s own way.


One word for Lamb Shank Osobaco is “scrumptious”



Home-made Tortellini

If you guys don’t know then let me tell you that Tortellini is a kind of pasta, stuffed with leeks & ripped figs and  made in homemade pesto cream sauce. I liked the dish very much as pasta is one of my favorite Italian dishes and the tortellini tasted really well with figs and pesto sauce. Good Choice for all the Italian Lovers!


One word for Tortellini is “classic italian”



Harissa Spiced Corn Fed Chicken 9

Harissa, as some of you might know is a spice originated from South Africa and Middle east countries. This spice is used to cook a Corn Fed Chicken alongside stone-cooked potatoes. This dish is very different from all the chicken dishes that I have ever had. The chicken is well cooked, the juices & sauces accompany each other well. Plus, the garnishings of kuskus and orange tastes equally good with the chicken.


One word for Harissa Chicken is “Saucy”



Roasted Pumpkin and Ricotta Cheese Cannelloni

This shall be added very soon in the a la carte menu. I loved the roasted pumpkin inside the Cannelloni (kind of pasta). The combination of Ricotta Cheese with the Pumpkin goes really tasteful together and the dish shows a good way to have pumpkin in a tasty form. πŸ˜‰ A thumbs up to this dish!


One word for the Pumpin filled Cannelloni is “tasteful”




New York Cheese Cake 

New York Cheese Cake is my favorite cheesecake out of all the cheesecakes. And I am very particular about its taste as I’ve had this cheesecake at many restaurants and cafes. Though, I have to tell you the cheesecake here at TCK is perfect. The cream cheese is not that sweet with the right amount of wild berry compote on the top and very very light to the stomach. I would give it a 10 on 10 for sure!


One word for New York Cheesecake is “Toothsome”



Glaze Almond Cake

This cake was thshow stealer. I have never seen the combination of almond cake and mango ice cream, to which I have to tell you made the almond cake even more tasty. Th glaze on the cake was mesmerizing. Beautifully presented and sinfully tasty. Must try with your favorite cup of ice cream on the side, I’ll still choose the mango! πŸ˜‰


One word for Glaze Almond Cake is “Sinful”



And how can I forget to show you how I enjoyed my plate of dessert at TCK Restaurant, Radisson Blu.


Enjoying the Dessert!


In total, my experience was superlative. I would like to thank the team behind this beautiful gesture of inviting over the food bloggers of Indore for a new menu tasting session. I look forward to much more events like this one. πŸ™‚


With Team Radisson Blu and Food Bloggers of the City


I hope the review was helpful. You can contact me for further information about the restaurant at belly.k6@gmail.com

I am also on instagram – BellyKanungo

See you soon with another review, till then keep eating and keep your bellies happy! πŸ˜‰

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