What My Belly Had At The Indiya Oye Restaurant, Radisson Blu Indore

I have been a hardcore Lover of the Indian Food all my life. No matter how much one can eat pizzas, burgers, noodles or pasta; true happiness can only be attained by having some chicken shicken te lachcha paratha. πŸ˜‰

Therefore, I was a overly excited when I got the invitation to taste the Radisson Blu’s very famous Indian Restaurant – Indiya Oye’s all new food menu.


Talking about the interiors,  they are mesmerizing. The Indian Bangle Decor to the Colorful Furniture & wall paintings to the Classic Indian Music playing in the background, everything is just as soothing as the vibe of a typical Indian Household.




Talking about the food tasting,

I started off with tasting the Gosht Nalli Ka Shorba which is a bone marrow broth made up of lamb and with a lot of Indian spices. It was a spicy soup, which is a great kick starter for beginning an Indian Menu Tasting Session. Slurrrp!!!

PS: They have also introduced one Vegetarian Soup, i.e. the Tomato Tulsi Ka Shorba that all you vegetarian ones can try out here!



Tandoori Bharwaan Mushroom: I have already mentioned my love for mushrooms in my previous blogs. And this Mushroom was one of the winners in the starters menu. Buttoned Mushrooms stuffed with spinach, cheese and spices is a combination that is healthy, tasty and filling. Must try!


Tandoori Bharwaan Mushroom

Subz Mewe Ke Seekh: This will literally taste like having a masala barfi. You can taste the mewa, cardamom and sesame seeds in the seekh. A good balance of flavours and not spicy at all. So, can be a good choice for non-spicy lovers.


Subz Mewe Ke Seekh

Kale Channe Ki Spicy Sammi: As soon I had these, I was like WOW! Because it was my favorite out of all. The tikki was made from brown chickpeas with a surprise of melted cheese on the inside. I mean who doesn’t love cheese right? And specially in an Indian Recipe which is so rare anyway!


Kale Chane ki Spicy Sammi

Pithi Wali Tikki: It’s a mashed potatoe tikki made with moong daal and had a lot of hing flavour into it. Personally, it tasted to me more like having the aaloo paratha stuffing so I would not be having it more and more. Once to try!


Pithi Wali Tikki


Jheenga Balchao: Very Tender Prawns cooked in Goan Spices. This dish took me back to the vacay-days at the restaurants in Goa. Prawns were a little under-cooked for my palatte though full marks to the balance of the spices.


Jheenga Balchao


Fish Tikka Amritsari: Fresh Shingara Fish mixed well in the special Punjabi Masala and a lot of love, Fish Tikka Amritsari is to be tried here for sure. Usually we eat Fish Tikka and Amritsari Fish separately. But, Chef Sujeet Singh Ji specially invented this special starter to add that extra taste into the mouths of all the fish lovers like me! I could taste both Tikka and Amritsari Fish in one dish – aur khaane ko kya chahiye? πŸ˜‰

Nizami Murg Tikka: This is a Hyderabadi Style Chicken Tikka with a lot of flavours in it. I like the earthy taste coming from the onion marination, done one night prior to the cooking.


The Tikka’s


Tandoori Champein: Any dish which is grilled slowly in the tandoor, that dish has to be tasty, isn’t it? The lamb chops are pot roasted with a lot of khada masala and their special tandoori red masala. Fiery and Tasty at the same time I would say!


Tandoori Champein


Lucknowi Galouti – An Oye! Signature: Guys, you can’t miss this one. As soon as I tasted this, it reminded me of the galouti that I had in Lucknow. Though here, the twist and hero of the dish is the Ulta Tawa Paratha. The Galouti is wrapped in a paratha which gives it the twist that every food lover likes to explore! So, certainly explore this Galouti for sure!


 Oye’s Signature Lucknowi Galouti 



Makai Matar Masaledaar: A dish for all the vegetarians! Makai Matar Masaledaar is a typical Rajasthani dish made with corn and matar. I think the vegetarians are going to love the combination of corns and peas together. Very well versed dish!


M3 – Makai Matar Masaledaar πŸ˜‰

Sirka Pyaaz aur Paneer ka Kut: This is another signature dish from the Indiya Oye Kitchen. You will love this paneer sabzee if you are a fan of Sirke wale pyaaz (just like me).


Sirka Pyaaz & Paneer Kut

Gobhi Methi ka Tuk: It’s a rare yet tasty combination of cauliflower with fenugreek. I would recommend this taste as it is flavorful yet healthy at the same time.


Gobhi Methi ka Tuk

Baingan Bharta Rawalpindi Wala: Tastier than the baingan bharta made in our homes, this bharta can gets finished on the plate as fast as a Rawalpindi Express. πŸ˜‰


Rawalpindi Baigan Bharta


Raan-E-Patiala-Shahi: This Dish is best tasted when cooked to perfection as the whole lamb is cooked without mincing or dicing. Raan-e-Patiala is a slow cooked lamb with a bursting flavours of Indian Spices in its curry, that is best eaten with a Lachcha Paratha or Rumali Roti.


Raan-E-Patiala Shahi

Raarah Murg: It was a typical Punjabi dish, made with chicken & keema and a lot of spices. I liked the flavour well melded together in the chicken with that of the whole spices. Also, the keema gravy  went really well with my lachcha paratha.


Raarah Murg

Nihari Gosht: This is must try dish at the Indiya Oye as it will take you to the authentic flavours of the Mughlai cuisine. I really liked the flavour of black pepper standing out in the dish and the lamb was very tender and juicy because of the slow cooking process. Yummm!


Nihari Gosht

Meen Moilee: It reminded me of my favourite Green Thai Curry, Meen Moilee is a very famous Kerala Fish Stew which has a stand out flavour of coconut into it. If you are a fish and coconut fan, this dish is a must have with steamed rice or even goes well with biryani.

Chicken Bharta: It was a super cool version of the normal baingan bharta. I mean who imagined a chicken shredded and cooked in the bharta style? I liked it. Spicy and tasty at the time.


Chicken Bharta

Dhaba Gosht: This is a perfect dish for all those who love home made mutton. I liked the extraordinary flavour of ginger in this dish which gave the unique taste to the whole curry and of course to the gosht. The best part was that the preparation was made and served in the cooker itself.


Dhaba Gosht

Hyderabadi Kacche Gosht Ki Biryani: This was my favorite. Made with such authenticity that I could literally eat this with any of the curries and gravies or can even eat it like that with just the raita. The best part about the biryani is that the gosht is cooked in the dum itself with the biryani whereas, usually the gosht is pre cooked and then put in the dum. For me, this Dum Biryani totally had all the Dum to give a neck to neck competition to any of the Biryani’s I have had in Central India.


Hyderabadi Kacche Gosht ki Biryani


This is my favorite part always. And I was extremely eager to taste the Phirni over here as it is one of my Favorite Indian Desserts. Along with Phirni, I also tasted Rasmalai and Kalakand. Let me tell you how these three taste:


My Dessert Platter

Malai Kalakand: To be frank, I am not a barfi fan. I am more of a Rasmalai and Rasgulla fan when it comes to choosing from Indian sweets. But, as soon as I tasted this Kalakand, I automatically became a fan of it. Very Malaidaar and with total smoothness and goodness of milk intact in it.


Gulkand Rasmalai: This is too-too delicious. I loved the flavor of gulkand in the rasmalai – very innovative and thoughtful. Must try at Indiya Oye!


Kesari Phirni: This was the best dessert for me. I am anyway a phirni fan so being a little biased for it. Though, the twist was the flavour of Safron in it. I had never tasted a  kesari phirni before and must say that the twisted phirni was worth my taste!


Lastly, I would like to thank the Radisson Blu team – Mr Rahul Joshi (General Manager at Radisson Blu Hotel Indore), Mr Amit Sehgal (Director of Food & Beverage), Mr Anubhav Bhan (Director of Sales & Marketing), Ms Nidhi Khatri (Marketing Manager) and of course the man & his team behind this new menu Mr Sujeet Singh (Executive Chef).

I hope the review was helpful. You can contact me for further information about the restaurant at belly.k6@gmail.com

I am also on instagram – BellyKanungo

See you soon with another review, till then keep eating and keep your bellies happy!πŸ˜‰

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