What My Belly Had at the New Menu Tasting Session at Ni Hao, Radisson Blu Indore

Ni Hao to all you foodies!

Many of you already know about my love for desserts, though this time it was time for me to have one of my favorite cuisines of all time – Chinese, along with a lot of Indonesian, Thai and some Japanese food too.

As this week , I was invited to Radisson Blu Indore for visiting their very famous Asian-Chinese restaurant Ni Hao to taste some really interesting dishes added to their menu lately. Chef Siddharth who has been an experienced chef in the industry and has been an integral part of the Ni Hao restaurant and Radisson group has especially trial & tested these dishes himself specifically in consideration with the taste & preference of local Indori customers before putting them into the menu.


Menu for the day #nomnom

Talking about the seating area, Ni Hao gives you two seating options – Indoors which is open during the day for the lunch hours on weekends and oeveryday open for dinner the dinner hours. Whereas, Outdoors is open for dinner only on weekdays and weekendsrespectively.

As you enter this place, you can clearly feel the vibes of an authentic Chinese restaurant with a lot of Chinese crockery, wall arts and the show pieces that are kept beautifully in the restaurant



I along with my fellow bloggers from the Indore Bloggers Association visited the place and hogged on to some delicious vegetarian & non-vegetarian cuisines, some of which I am going to review in this blog.

So, let the hogging begin:


Xinjiang Style Spicy Celery Soup (Chinese)

This was a vegetarian clear soup which had a lot of veggies and a strong taste of freshly cut red chillies. The chef was considerate enough for not keeping it too spicy though I am sure that chilli lovers shall love this hot yet tasty clear soup as it is refreshing, healthy and tasty, all 3-in-1 at the same time.

Slurp Slurp!


Slurp Slurp!

Green Asparagus & Daikon Roll (Japanese)

Another vegetarian dish on the menu, it’s cylindrical shaped sushi rolls made with fresh asparagus (imported ones) and daikon along with kikkoman soy & wasabi. Though the presentation of this dish was highly tempting, it lacked the taste which was needed. I didn’t like this sushi as it was extremely sweet. If you are a sweet lover, you might like this sushi roll. For hoggers like me, a no-no for this one!


Too sweet to handle!

Smoked Salmon Nigiri (Japanese)

Beautiful to look and even better when you taste this unique sushi! Made from pressed vinegared rice sushi and slices of smoked salmon on the top, this sushi is ideal for all the fish and sushi lovers. I would recommend eating this sushi with Light Soy Sauce which tastes perfect with this one.

Beauty and the Taste! πŸ˜‰


Beauty and the Taste!

Stuffed Chilli Mushroom (Chinese)

Tasted exactly like a typical chilli chicken/paneer, the twist was the cheese and mushroom filling with the flavour of chinese sauces & sichuan peppercorn on the outer covering. This tasted tale deserves a thumbs up from my side!


Tasty Twisted Tale!

Beijing Style New Zealand Lamb Chops (Chinese)

This dish is a unique experience in itself! The smokey and very well cooked lamb chops tasted heavenly with the sweet & sour flavor of the sauce. The lamb was perfectly tender to eat because it was slow cooked plus smoked pineapple tasted like a great companion with the chops. I am definitely going to eat these lamb chops again!


Hog Hog Chop Chop!

Mandarin Lamb Dim sum (Chinese)

Another tasty lamb dish on the menu! I didn’t feel like eating these dim sums as they were made in rose shapes – too pretty to handle!

The pink color on the top of the dim sum is because of beetroot. The Chinese flour crystal casing makes this dim sum a healthier choice, so do try these pretty looking-pretty tasty lamb dim sum on your next visit to Ni Hao.

Pretty all the way!


Pretty to look, pretty tasty to eat!

Shrimp Har Gow (Chinese)

An ideal dim sum for all the shrimp lovers. With every bite of this dim sum, one can taste the crunch of shrimps filling which makes this recipe a different one from all other dim sums. I highly recommend this one with light soy sauce or black pepper sauce.

Awesome Dim Sum!


Awesome Dim Sum!

Crispy Soft Shell Crab (Chinese)

Although I couldn’t taste this dish, still I thought of sharing you this dish with all you seafood lovers who are unable to find seafood in Indore. This crab is crispy on the outside and inside you can eat the soft & tender crab. Enjoy this Chinese style crispy crab with Kung Pao Mayo and Iceberg salad.


Crab Crab!

Green Asparagus, Corn & Burnt Spring Onion Dim Sums (Chinese)

This unique dim sum was a burst of flavors as soon as you put it in your mouth. Loved the combination of burnt spring onions along with fresh asparagus which balanced out the sweetness of corn in a great way. Try these with Black Pepper Sauce which works beautifully for enhancing all the flavors in the dumplings.

Mouth Bursting Flavor!


Mouth Bursting!

Wild Mushroom Mousse & Sesame on Toast (Chinese)

This was one of my favorite snacks for the day as it had the great taste of sesame on the top whilst the mushroom mousse filling in the french baguette (a type of bread) was a great appetizer for my happy tummy. This crispy bread toast dish is a must try!

Eat and Repeat!


Eat & Repeat!

Leek, Water Chestnuts & Celery Dim sums (Chinese)

One of the most good looking dim sums I have every had! The flavor of three things together – Leek, Celery and Water Chestnuts Dumplings was a very unique combination. I loved how these vegetarian dim sums tasted so-not like a vegetarian dim sum dish. I recommend to try out these dim sums to all the non-vegetarians too.

Red Hot Dim Sums!


Color me Red Pop!

Wok Fried Prawns with Oriental Chilli (Chinese)

If you are a chilli chicken fan, this dish is one step ahead of the authentic chilli chicken as it has an additional value to it – The Crispiness of the Prawns. You can almost sense all the prime ingredients of a wok bowl in the prawns with an exuberant flavor of oriental chilli. Almost every blogger was appreciating this delicious delicacy.

I would term it as the bloggers favorite dish!


Bloggers Pick!



Sweet & Sour Vegetables (Chinese)

This was the only vegetarian main course dish that we tried. I think this dish is meant for people who like the combination of sweetness & sourness together. For me, it just didn’t work out because I am not a big sweet & sour combination fan. If you are vegetarian, you must at least give it a shot with some plain rice or can go for lotus or jasmine rice from the menu here.

PS: Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of this dish.

Lamb Rendang (Indonesian) 

This dish was a complete meal in itself! The right amount of spiciness in the lamb shanks which tasted tender and well cooked. Plus, half of the magic was the Malay Curry – which is best tasted when eaten with plain rice, according to my personal tasting experience. We were also served steamed Jasmine Rice along with plain rice. For me, plain rice any day over the flavored one because for a tasty curry like the Malay one, you need to get the authentic flavor of the curry on your palette.


Malay Curry – My Favorite


Steamed Jasmine Rice (Thai)

Crispy Aromatic Duck with Exotic Vegetables (Chinese)

If I am not wrong, Ni Hao is the only restaurant in Indore which is serving duck. Therefore, for all the duck lovers, this dish is a must try. This dish is a combination of the duck, vegetables, oyster sauces & a bit of seasoning. Though, I am not a duck fan so maybe that is why the dish didn’t do wonders for me.

For all the duck lovers. Quack Quack!


Quack Quack!

Tofu Stuffed Chicken Breast (Chinese)

The best thing that I liked about this dish was the black pepper sauce. It was the center of flavors for my palette. Grilled chicken breast with wild mushroom & tofu filling is a great combination for all you health freaks. I would say this dish is a good balance of health and taste. A must try for chicken and Tofu lovers.

Go Gym Lovers!


A meal for Health Freaks!



Tab Tim Grob 

I would term it as an “International Faluda” as it tasted exactly the same. If you are a faluda fan then you’re going to love this dessert. Unfortunately, I hate faluda to the core, therefore this dessert didn’t taste any good to me.

Home Made Coconut Jaggery Ice cream

This was heaven in bowl! I literally had two bowl of this ice cream because it was just incredible. I never thought that jaggery can ever taste this good in an ice cream form, but it did and it does. My personal favorite and I want you all to definitely taste this ice cream on your visit to Ni Hao.

My personal Favorite!


Tab Tim Grob – For Faluda Fans, Ice Cream – Heaven!

Szechwan Pepper Tiramisu

I think everybody knows and many of us have had Tiramisu before. This Tiramisu was slight different as compared to the Classic Italian Tiramisus that I’ve had before as it had the flavor of Szechwan Peppercorns in it. To be frank, this tiramisu didn’t taste the way I thought it will. For presentation, full marks but the taste was a bit extra bitter for our Indian Palette. I wish it could have been more subtle and balanced. Need rendition in this one!


Bitey Bitter!

So, that’s it from my experience at Ni Hao, Indore. I hope this review was hopeful. At last, I would like to thank Chef Siddharth and his Ni Hao team for this lovely experience and of course team Radisson Blu for making the bloggers meet better with each coming time. πŸ˜€


Team Radission Blu Indore with Team Indore Bloggers Association

 Also, I loved the dry cake that was given to all of us as a token of souvenir. Yum Yum Yum! Guys, you must check out “Cakewalk” for some amazing desserts and cakes at Radisson Blu, Indore.


Check out “Cakewalk” at Radisson Blue Indore 

My ratings for Ni Hao’s new additional Menu,

Ambience- β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

Service- β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† (great hospitality)

Taste- β˜†β˜†β˜†.5 (.5 extra is for the ice cream) πŸ˜‰

Presentation- β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

Overall- β˜†β˜†β˜†.5

Hope my review was helpful, can get in touch with me for any food queries or suggestions at belly.k6@gmail.com and can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram!

I’ll be back with a new place and new review soon!

Till then keep eating and keep your belly happy!:)

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