What my Belly had at the “Desi Brunch” Tasting Session at Cafe Mitti – Brewing Ideas, Indore

Who doesn’t like a place that serve authentic food, with desi twists and that too in economical rates? Oh! and I forgot to mention, a place with unlimited free wifi for your phone and laptop. πŸ˜‰ In today’s time, that’s what makes life easy and at the same time tasty.

Mitti – Brewing ideas is one such vegetarian place that offers you a beautiful ambiance, tasty and budget friendly food items with desi fusion into it. I literally have an OCD like Monica when it comes to kitchen cleanliness. Hence being at this place and eating in biodegradable cutleries bring a big phew to my conscience. Having said that, drinking masala buttermilk and filtered coffee in Terracotta Kulhad (glass) is like giving your soul a cool splash of water inside.

Their weightless yet weightful menu is quite interesting to peek a glance at, take a look:




Mitti – Today’s Special Menu

Chhole Kulche in Rs 129/- Aaloo Paratha in 99/- and chocolate pie in 49/-

Are you kidding me? Haha, that was my exact reaction when I visited this place for the very first time. But this is what is true, with no compromises with the quality and quantity, whatsoever.

The ambiance has a very vibrant and young feel to it. I feel, that is the reason you will find a lot of youngsters working and chit chatting at this newly opened cafe. Or maybe it could be the reason that it is situated right in the middle of the city, at Old Palasia near Great Kailash Hospital.

Some of the wall hangings were insanely attractive; some of the bizarre art decors too.


(Take the cursor to the images to check their captions) 


As it was a desi brunch, Miss Priyanka – the market manager at Mitti Cafe organized a special breakfast-lunch menu that was filling, tasty and power pack as well. Hence starting off with some very healthy Sprouts. Imagine having this healthy combination of tomatoes, cucumbers, chickpeas, green and brown moong sprouts in just Rs 69? with a quantity which is filling for one person, or two slim-trim half girls (not girlfriends). :p


Healthy Bhi Tasty Bhi

Then comes the most famous breakfast meal for most of the Mumbaikars, Vada Pao. I loved how it tasted, how it looked and how it was served. Need I say more? Just have a look at my expressions below and you’ll know what I feel for this Vada Pao.

If you love spicy, you’ll love the green chutney, the fried green chillies and the lassan-mirchi masala chutney as well. But for me, this vada pao was orgasmic enough to scintillate me inside-out. Yeh sirf Vada Pao nahi hai, duniya hai meri! :p


You can even try their Spinach and Corn Sandwich if you are looking for a CCD style sandwich at a much affordable price.


Talking about the shakes, almost each shake was tasty and filling but my most favorite was the Strawberry Shake. They used frozen strawberries instead of the syrup which is obviously the basic thing that I look for when having shakes in odd seasons. It was neither too sweet not too plain, perfect color and taste of an authentic strawberry shake.

I also tried the Banana Shake, which was the ordinary banana shake we have in our homes. There was this Almond and Cashew Shake too, which didn’t work for me at all. Only try it if you love the combination of cashew and almond together. The Desi Chocolate Shake was a combination of plain chocolate and dark chocolate ice cream and was pretty decent in taste. Try it if you are a chocolate lover!



Ini-Mini-Miny-Mo πŸ˜€ (Desi Chocolate Shake, Almond Cashew Shake, My favorite Strawberry Shake and Banana Shake)

My yet another favorite thing to drink was the Pineapple Drink – Featuring Basil. Trust me when I say this, the drink taste exactly like sugarcane juice. It was tasty, a little oversweet but I loved how it hydrated me completely in just two-three sips. Garmi mein thandi ka ehsaas, literally! πŸ˜€

I also loved their Cold Coffee which was strong, thick and chilled just like the way I love my cold coffee to be. The Deep Mango Alphonso Shake, on the other hand, is a must-have for the mango lovers but personally, you should preferably have it in the summer time.


Tridev – Standing Height-wise :p

Talking about the hot ones, you must try their Filter Coffee in just Rs 49/- It is strong, tasty and at the same time, the Kulhadd serving adds that desi touch to the coffee making the drinking experience more exuberating.



Mitti Ki Khusboo Aayi πŸ˜€

The exotic White Chai is perhaps known as the healthiest chai of all. It almost tasted like a green tea to me but if you are a health freak, then you must try this chai with some lemon and honey.


Chai Chai pe likha hai peene wale ka naam! 


I loved their Mac n Cheese more than their White Sauce Pasta. The reason is simple – I am crazy about that crisp cheese layer on the top of the Mac n Cheese. I think also because the Mac n Cheese had more cheese than the White Sauce Pasta. I think the pasta was a bit too salty too, that needs a little working. Personally, I would say to try both of them on your visit.


Mac N Cheese


White Sauce Pasta


Then you have my Mexican favourite Nachos – Cheese Marke, as they call it here. You can taste cheese in each bite of your nacho, plus the homemade salsa dip goes well with these cheesy nachos. I think it is a pretty fair meal in Rs 129/-


Nacho BC Nacho! Cheese Maarke Nacho πŸ˜€

Now talking about Stuffed stuff, I had the very famous Gujarati Thepla, which was stuffed with paneer and veggies. This dish could have been much better in terms of taste and cooking. The paneer thepla was too thick, theplas are generally thin and soft and also the paneer dices could have been smaller!


Stuffed Paneer Thepla with Green Chutney

The other stuffed stuff that I had and strangely liked was the Sev Stuffed Paratha, Indori style! πŸ˜€ I liked the fact that it is served with a bowl of  “Tadke wala Dahi” and mixed achaar. This is the perfect meal for all the sev lovers and also quite filling for one person. Do try this Indori Stuffed Paratha Bhiyaaaao!


Sev Stuffed Paratha with Tadke wala dahi and Mixed Pickle! Kya baat hai bhiyaaaao

Now time for some heavy dose, or in Mitti’s language time to eat some bhaari barkham saamaan,

The Pav Bhaji will remind you of the pav bhaji at your home if your mother cooks pav bhaji as well as mine. Tangy, tasty and full of flavours, the pav bhaji was the highlight of this desi brunch session. Agar yeh nahi khaaya, toh kuchh nahi khaya!


Yummiest of all!

Bun Maska, also known as the Indian-style burger was a yummy treat as I love burgers with a thick patty and with even thicker cheese slice. :p If you are a veggie cheeseburger lover, then do give this Bun Maska a shot for sure!


Bun Maska – Cheesy Chaska! (Cheesy Affair I meant)

Haaye! These Chhole Kulche reminded me of Delhi as the kulche were extremely soft, freshly made and the chhole were like, “Khaate jaao Khaate jaao”. You must eat these chhole kulche if you miss kulche in Indore. I haven’t seen any other place serving such authentic chhole kulche in Indore.


Balle Balle! Chhole te Kulche te wah bhai wah πŸ˜€


Seviyan Kheer 

It was a normal seviyan kheer, which is made in every Muslim household on Eid. It was well cooked with a lot of dry fruits in it. I am personally more of a sheer khurma fan; if you love seviyan kheer, this will not disappoint you. πŸ™‚ (whenever i see kheer I don’t know why but this song from K3G Banno Ki saheli starts playing in my head, weird no!)


Seviyan Kheer 


I instantly got muh mein paani as soon as I saw this coming! It looked and tasted exactly the way I like my rabdi to be – extremely creamy and well cooked, with loads of dry fruits. The brunch wouldn’t have ended this well without this delicious rabdi.


Rabdi Malai Maarke! πŸ˜€

Mitti’s Special Choco Mill Pie and Tea Mill Pie

Out of the two good pieces of these cakes, I loved the Tea Mill Pie more. It is a great tea-time cake that can be eaten with a good cup of coffee/tea. It’s healthy too as it has garnishings of almonds and pistachios, and yet tasty because it is topped with chocolate sauce too. You must try these various Mill Pies at Mitti Cafe in just Rs 49/-



Tea Mill Pie – Pie Pie chuka dena πŸ˜€

Lastly, I would like to thank Ms Priyanka, for organzing such wonderful Bloggers Meet at Mitti. Special thanks to Ms Ankita Chadha for opening such a wonderful cafe and lastly to my fellow bloggers from Indore Bloggers Association, who joined me in this food tasting session and made it a great experience altogether.

My ratings,

Taste- β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†.5

Presentation- β˜†β˜†β˜†.5

Value for Money– β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

Overall- β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†

Hope my review was helpful, can get in touch with me for any food queries or suggestions at belly.k6@gmail.com and can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram! @bellykanungo

I’ll be back with a new place and new review soon!

Till then keep eating and keep your belly happy!:)

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