Fusion of Tastes in my Belly at Mc’s Fusion, Indore

Ever felt confused as whether to eat Mexican, Italian, Indian, Chinese that later leads to the confusion to a level that you end up eating a Mc D burger? :p I feel this confusion all the time as it is so difficult to choose what to eat, especially in Indore where there is not much authentic food available anywhere. But finally there is one place in Indore that will fuse all our food confusion into a fusion of food – Mc’s Fusion – American and Mexican Grill.


The newly opened cafe cum food court Mc’s Fusion offers various authentic tastes of Italy, Mexico and America at one roof, which is situated near Sindhi Colony Square, Sapna Sangeeta, Indore. I liked the fact that they have collocated it into three sections – ground floor which is a normal food court cum cafeteria, first floor which is slated for mini-parties and get together’ and the top floor which is a gaming floor where you can play snooker and Dart Board Games with your friends with on-the-house drinks for all. πŸ˜‰

Coming to food, let’s see what I liked and what I didn’t:

Burrito Bowl 

This Burrito Bowl was a love-at-first-bite! I loved the combination of veggies, black beans with chicken, which was topped with home-made sour cream. I must diligently tell you that their sour cream is baar baar khaao. I think this was hands down the best sour cream I have ever had. They use special Mexican seasoning which is especially imported from the US. This Burrito Bowl was very authentic in taste; I loved the fact how they used white rice instead of brown rice as white rice tasted equally bona fide in the burrito bowl.


Buritto Bowl – Bahaar Sour Cream Ki!!!

Burrito Wrap

This wrap literally wrapped my taste buds intact, which tells me to eat it every time I visit this place from now onward. The balance of all the flavors was appealing – very creamy and full of Mexican flavors. The best part was the use of mashed vegetables and beans that made the wrap much easier to eat!



Burrito Wrap – Eat without any spill πŸ˜‰

Classic Quesadilla 

There were both veg and non-veg quesadillas that were given to taste, I tasted the classic chicken quesadilla which was very tangy yet I could clearly taste the flavor of bell peppers, chicken, mashed beans and cheddar cheese in it. I think not just this, but all the Mexican dishes that are served at Mc’s Fusion are must taste!


Classic Quesadilla – Tasty Bhi Healthy Bhi 

Salad Mexicana – Veg and Non-Veg

The Veg Mexicana Salad had paneer with a lot of veggies mixture, topped with Parmesan cheese. I didn’t like the taste of paneer in the salad hence this salad didn’t work for me. You shall try this only if you are a paneer fan or on a health-spree, ONLY.


Veg Mexicana Salad – Just-for-health-folks

If you are a chicken lover plus you are looking for something which is very healthy at the same time, then this is the best choice of salad for you. The chicken was crunchy and the flavors were rightly imbibed together. I would prefer the chicken salad over the veg one anytime!


Chicken Mexicana Salad – Just-for-chicken-lovers

Classic Loaded Hot Dog 

This dish was my ultimate favorite! I think we hardly get any authenticity when it comes to having hot dogs in Indore. But this place, contrary to others will give your taste buds a fine taste and balance of flavors like they serve in America. I loved the smokey flavor of the chicken sausage and this hot dog definitely deserves right tick to try at Mc’s Fusion.


Hot Hot Hottie Hot Dog 

We were also served their three special Mexican dips/sauces that they make especially that accompany most of their Mexican Dishes :

The White Salsa: Which was a creamy white sauce-kinda-salsa that tasted like mayonnaise. Contrary to my expectation, it tasted bad and very blank. I didn’t like it at all. They should definitely work on its creaminess and taste of course.

The Corn Salsa: Which was almost like a corn salad, I didn’t understand why have they termed it as a salsa?

The Tomato Salsa: Which was almost like a normal Mexican tomato salsa, though I felt the fine chopping of veggies would have looked better and even more convenient to eat.


Their special three home-made salsas – To have or not to have is the question?

Mc’s Mexican Style Noodles

Though the noodles were fine in taste, I didn’t really understand from what angle they were Mexican in taste? It was not-at-all authentic if we compare it with Mexican flavors. On the other hand, it had Manchurian Balls which made it a total Indian-ized version of the Noodles. Boo! Boo! Boo! A big no to this dish.


Indian style Chinese wok Mexican Noodles? Makes sense? Nuh.

Chicken Wings and Chicken Strips


Chicken Stripes – Strip it off! 

I think these two are good recipes for all those chicken lovers who like eating their chicken guilt-free. The wings and strips however tasted the same to me and were quite oily too but this is what it is with fried chicken – all what matters is just the taste! So enjoy this guilty free pleasure with some tartar sauce for sure.


Chicken Wings – Fry High in the sky of deep fry πŸ˜›

Pasta Italiano (Veg)

The Pasta was more like a vegetable pasta and not a cheesy one that we expect generally. I really think that it lacked the Italian feel and flavor in it. Also I missed mushrooms, which is a must-must ingredient when it comes to my pasta. If it would have been creamier, it could have been tastier, undoubtedly!


Pasta Italiano – Needs Improvemento!

Mc’s Fusion Sandwiches

Classic Salsa Sandwich (Veg) – This is a vegetarian sandwich that gives you all Mexican flavors in form of a sandwich. It is healthy as well as tasty at the same time, though I feel that the tangy taste of tomato in the sandwich was quite overpowering.

The Grilled Chicken Ham Sandwich – This was a perfect sandwich for a person like me who likes to eat a classic sandwich without much spices and experimentation. The taste of the ham and cheese always work wonders for me. Hence this sandwich deserves my two thumbs up for sure!

Peri Peri Chicken Sandwich – I would recommend this sandwich for all the spicy chicken lovers. The chicken chunks in the sandwich tasted almost like spiced sausages and I definitely recommend this one to all the peri peri lovers!


The three musketeers – Peri Peri, Salsa and Chicken Ham Sandwiches’ 

Last but not the least,

Lamb Burger

Oh My God! This was my exact reaction when I took the first big bite of this juicy burger. The Lamb Tikki was extremely juicy and tasty. This Burger is not a burger but it is an experience in itself. You must have this Lamb Burger because this is a complete meal in itself. The Tikki was a little oily though but as they say,  all’s well when the food tastes well. Isn’t it? πŸ˜‰


Lamb Lababdaar!!! Slurrrppppp

Thank you Mc’s Fusion for inviting me over for this amazing food tasting session. I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing the place and food.


Thank you to my fellow food bloggers from Indore Bloggers Association for joining-in for the food tasting at Mc’s Fusion (Satyajeet you were late :p)

My ratings,

Taste- β˜†β˜†β˜† (point 5 extra for their sour cream)

Presentation- β˜†β˜†.5

Value for Money– β˜†β˜†β˜†.5

Overall- β˜†β˜†β˜†

Hope my review was helpful, can get in touch with me for any food queries or suggestions at belly.k6@gmail.com and can also follow me on Facebook and Instagram! @bellykanungo

I’ll be back with a new place and new review soon!

Till then keep eating and keep your belly happy!:)

Mc's Fusion- American Mexican Grill Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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