What My Belly Had at the New Menu Tasting Bloggers Meet at The 78 Boulevard, Indore

My association with The 78 Boulevard is intact since the time of its inception. The reason is not just because I know the owners :-p but also because this place was among the firsts of the city to introduce Indore to the urban bistro culture. I distinctly remember the fact that this place was the first to organize stand ups, culinary sessions with renowned chefs, rock bands and much more in our city.

The ambiance is picturesque in its own way. It gives you the retro-rustic feel of an veteran cafe, check the pictures for your own exemplification:


Now coming to food, it is a pure veg cafe that serves alcohol on Saturdays. I love the fact that they have experimented a lot with their food since their beginning, which not most cafes have balls to do, if I may say so. This time as well, this place is coming up with some lip-smacking dishes from across the globe that I tasted this Saturday with my fellow food bloggers from Indore Bloggers Association.

What My Belly Hogged?

They have a pretty cool new menu that will have a variety of food items like Chinese, Burmese, Thai, Russian, Spanish, French and of course Indian.


Page 1 : Soup, Salad, Starter and Platter Menu…… P.T.O.



Page 2: Naanza, Mains, Dessert & Dessert Platter

Sex on the Beach – Virgin (Welcome Drink)

My first reaction after taking a sip of this cool drink was, “Chatpataaka”. This drink completely did justice to the name – as it was satisfying from all means! The cocktail was a mix of tangy orange juice and fruity cranberry juice along with a tint of peach syrup. Cranberry being my favorite flavor when it comes to cocktails, I totally loved this one!!!


The very orgasmic Sex on the Beach – Give me More!!!



Cream of Peas Soup

Unbelievably creamy and tasty, the cream of peas soup was love at first sight and sip. Not just taste, but I loved the way how this soup was presented in shot glasses with bread sticks. Just have a glimpse at the picture and see the beauty of this creamy soup by yourself.


Peetey Jaao Peetey Jaao!!! Yummy & Healthy at the Same Time

Fattoush Salad (Mediterranean)

This salad worked for me as the lemon, garlic and oregano dressing tasted amazing with the veggies. The chunks of tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, radish with parsley and field greens were a healthy start as it literally boosted my hunger as soon as I had this salad.


Have Fattoush Salad if you have Fetish for Veggies


Caprese Salad (Italian)

I’d like to especially mention that this salad deserves 10 on 10 for its presentation. The slices of Tomatoes and Mozzarella were beautifully placed alternately in long rows, topped with honey balsamic dressing and basil leaves. Personally, I am not a fan of balsamic sauce therefore this salad didn’t work for me quite well. Even the raw combination of Mozzarella and Tomatoes would not work wonders for Indian palate.


Colors of Nature – An Eye Candy of Salads



Empanadas (Spanish) 

The name of this dish actually reminded me of this new hit song, “Despacito” :-p

It just gives that Spanish vibe mere by the name, though by the look of it, it exactly looked like a “Gujiya” which we eat during Indian Festivals. I liked the Empanadas as the baked pastry was filled with yummy mixture of potatoes, corn and mozzarella cheese along with a very hot and sour sweet chilli sauce. Though I liked eating them just like that without any sauce as it tasted too cheesy and yummy already.

Thai Spring Rolls 

These golden fried rolls were filled with mixed veggies of carrot, capsicum, cabbage along with some prominent Thai flavors into it. Personally, I really could taste the monogamous taste of lemongrass and garlic in the spring rolls hence I feel that it shall be made with less of Thai ingredients, which will bring out the balance of flavors in the spring rolls.


The Despacito Empanadas and Not-so-Springy Spring Rolls


I am a big Chinese food lover and therefore my love for dimsum is beyond unconditional. These cabbage and carrot dimsums had pieces of green chillies in it, which made these dimsums very spicy. I really feel they should innovate these dimsums with some cream cheese filling as dimsums taste really good with cheese. AND NO CHILLIES PLEASE!


Vegetable Dimsums… Give me some (but remove the chillies please)

Cheese Fondue Platter

This extremely creamy melted cheese dip is a mixture of three-cheese batter, which is served in fondue pot, accompanied with grilled vegetables, bread croutons, french garlic bread sticks and potato fries. I think I don’t need to say that this is possibly the best dish for all the cheese lovers. Also, I love digging into fondues when I just want to talk and have some great chill-time with my group. My suggestion would be to use crusty bread cubes instead of bread croutons.


My Dil Goes Fondueeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Tandoori Platter

I have a love and hate relationship with tandoori food. Maybe partially because it reminds me of the irriating Himesh Reshammiya song, “Ta Tananana Tandoori Nights, Tandoori Nights, Tandoori Nights….” :-p

Jokes apart, I liked the Mushroom Tandoori and Tandoori Achari Aaloo from this Tandoori Platter. The Paneer and rest of the Tandoori stuff is quiet ordinary and I would not suggest you to splurge your Rs500/- on this one.


Ta Tananana Tandoori Nights, Tandoori Nights, Tandoori Nights



Naanza – Pesto Pizza with Balsamic Glaze 

Again Balsamic Sauce!!! So you can imagine the ultimate reason of me not liking this dish. I don’t know the exact reason but everything in this naanza just didn’t work well together – the house style basil pesto sauce, roasted tomatoes and nuts, mozzarella cheese and balsamic glaze, everything just tasted too sweet altogether. Try their other Naanza’s if you are a thin crust pizza fan!


Main Tera Pizza, Tu Meri Naan…Woh Mainu Kehendi, Naanza Naanza :-p

Ratatouille (French)

This is very famous French dish which is made with a medley of vegetables over a bed of rice topped with herbs infused tomato sauce. I did like the presentation and aroma of this dish but somehow the taste was a little blank and does not do justice to my Indian palate. Though, some of you might like this dish so give it a try if you are a French food lover!


Bed of French Ratatouille

Stroganoff (Russian)

From the name, the dish sounds like some cousin of Smirnoff, 😀 this Russian classic was my second favorite dish after the cream of peas soup. Rice…. good, Mushrooms… good, Cheese and Sour Cream… gooooooooood!

I simply loved this blended Consomme of vegetables, mushrooms, sour cream and mustard with rice. It was like the blast of creaminess in my mouth! You can even have this creamy consomme with flat pasta instead of the rice, like the Russian style! 😉


From Smirnoff to Stroganoff… Everything is just tastefully divine :-p

Khow Suey

This game of bowl, Khow Suey has a special place in my heart as eating this Burmese dish brings out the adrenal happiness inside me every time I have it. It is a noodles based dish which is served with spiced coconut milk sauce and accompaniments of fried onions, cashews, peanuts, lemon, garlic, spring onions on the side. My personal condiments are fried onions and peanuts. But here, Khow Suey had a bit of a too much pungent taste of it and even the color of this one was a little too yellowish-orange. I really think they should work on their Khow Suey recipe with slight variation.


Game of Bowls – Khow Suey

Hyderabadi Vegetable Dum Biryani

Wow! This was one of the best veg biryanis I have ever had at an eatery. It had the perfect balance of saffron, whole spices, vegetables and herbs when slow cooked with basmati rice. The taste twice emulsified with the plain curd raita that they served with the biryani. 10 on 10 to the biryani!


Biryani ka Dum – 10 mein 10 to this one


Gulab Jamun Lemon Cheese Cake 

As they say, it’s a heaven in a slice! It is made with the goodness of cream, Philadelphia soft cheese and a zest of lemon over a crumbled biscuit base. With every bite you also get a burst of Gulab Jamun piece as there are pieces of it set in the cheese cake itself. But I really felt that this slice of heaven could have been much better without too much greasiness and sliminess in it. With betterment in the cream cheese batter, this dessert piece can actually become their signature dessert dish!


The fusion of Gulab Jamun with Lemon Cheesecake = East meets West for the best

Chocolate Fondue with Assorted Dippers

This is was the classic chocolate fondue made from the melted mixture of dark chocolate and cream alongside assorted dippers like mini brownie bites, waffle sticks, kiwi, bananas and ice-creams as well. I really like their in-house brownie bites, they tasted hell-yeah good with the chocolate fondue. Though I really think that the banana should be replaced by cherries as they really go well with the chocolate fondue. Apart from that, I believe it’s a paisa-wasool fondue in Rs 500/-


Again, My dil goes Fondueeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

At last, I would like to thank the Team 78 Boulevard for their humble mehmaan nawaazi. A special thanks to Ms Anushri Jain (Owner) for inviting me and my fellow food bloggers for this delightful bloggers meet.

My ratings,

Taste- ☆☆☆ (a star extra for cream of peas and fondues)

Presentation- ☆☆☆☆

Ambiance- ☆☆☆.5

Value for Money- ☆☆.5 (Tandoori Platter and Naanza are bit over-priced)

Staff- ☆☆☆☆

Overall- ☆☆☆.5

Hope my review was helpful, can get in touch with me for any food queries or suggestions at belly.k6@gmail.com and can also follow me on Instagram! @bellykanungo

I’ll be back with a new place and new review soon!

Till then keep eating and keep your belly happy!:)

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