What My Belly had at Taberna – The Cafe Bar Indore

I’ve been on a look-out for good Cafe-bars in town and got to know about Taberna – The Cafe Bar recently. Located at Velocity Multiplex, Vijaynagar, this place offers you a great variety of fusion-food, spacious ambience and cool cocktails & mocktails.

I can proudly term this place as the most gigantic bistro-bar of Indore. Just have a look at the pictures and you shall not stop yourself from visiting this place, for sure.

They have a sitting arrangement for two to a sitting for 15, from comfy couches to bar chairs, you can hang loose just the way you like. 😀

Talking about food, I feel their menu is well thought and put together, whilst thinking about the importance of taste & health in today’s lifestyle. They have made a fusion of some common and some not-so-common dishes in their own style, and that’s the best part about their eccentric menu. I tasted a five-course meal from which I have segregated my favourites to must try-out on your visit to Taberna:




Soups, Salads and Starters 

Talking about the soups, you shall definitely try the Beijing Chicken Dumpling Soup. It was a clear thin soup with a dumpling of shredded chicken along with some veggies. A sip of this soup cleared my throat as I was a little under the weather due to heavy rains. For vegetarians, they have this same soup in the veggie dumpling version as well. Hence this was a happy soup affair, for my throat!



Beijing Chicken Dumpling Soup – Clear hai!


Next, comes salads, however, I liked both the vegetarian and non-vegetarian salad that was served.

The vegetarian Coban Salatasi Salad was a mixture of veggies like cucumber, tomatoes, peppers, parsley and onions with a dressing of olive oil, lemon juice and salt, topped with a hint of feta cheese. It was a healthy and nutritious salad, which was tasty too. You will certainly love this one of you are a veggie-lover.

The non-vegetarian Coban Karidesler Salatasi Salad was all the same with just an added advantage of prawns into it. Tastyyyy!



Who wouldn’t want to eat this bowl of beauty?

For starters, you must certainly go for the Queso Cottage Espinacas if you are a paneer lover! I loved this starter although I am not a huge cottage cheese lover. The espinacas sauce is the hero of this dish. The dish looked good and tasted even better!



Queso Cottage Espinacas – What’s cooking good looking?


All you chicken lovers must try the Chicken Yakitori as this will just melt in your mouth as soon as you have a bite. The savoury sweet sauce in the chicken was just too good & the chicken was too tender to be true, hence I loved this skewered chicken too too much!



Chicken Yakitori – Chicken starter at its best

I also liked the Pakchoi Sesame Seeds Grilled Fish that was served with Sesame Sauce and was a good combination altogether. I loved the sauce with the fish and feels this dish tastes best with this accompaniment. Fish lovers, dig in!



Grilled Fish with Sesame Sauce = Delish

They also have my Mexican favourite Tacos with their own unification. The Pescado Taco is served in a herculean-sized taco with grilled fish patty and chipotle cream. The taco was so big that I could barely take a bite, however, it is a filling starter in itself. So handle with care as you might not need any main course after this. 😉



The Despacito Pescado Taco! 


The Pizzas and Subs that they served are decently good too, however, I am only recommending you the dishes that I really loved.





Heavy on Belly + Dessert

Talking about the heavy stuff, I loved their Frijoles Quesadillas. The stuffing of corn, kidney beans and cheese worked well and the quesadillas were cutely cut-out in round shape, which made it easier to eat. I always call Quesadillas, Kaisa-diya 😀 and this kaisa-diya was actually bohot hi swadisht diya!


Frijoles Quesadillas – Bohot hi tasty diya!

This Italian dish was actually a heart-stealer for me. Although I was so full by the time this dish came up, I still could not help myself to eat Italy in Spain. It was basically a fusion of Italy and Spain, which came together wonderfully. The green-coloured baked spaghetti with cottage cheese balls and espinacas sauce was just too yummy and creamy. You will love this one if you love Italian Food.


Italy in Spain, My Stomach is going Insane to eat this dish Again n Again

The tasty Japanese styled thin noodles dish Yaki Soba was a very tasty version of your regular Hakka Noodles. If you are coming to this place with your children, they will surely gonna love this dish.

Then you must also have the Egg Mughlai Paratha as this will remind you of Egg Frankie/Banjo that we normally eat street-side.


Egg Mughlai Paratha – Cleaner and Healthier version of Egg Frankie

Who doesn’t like wine? And if you are too hungry to wait for your food and drink wine then do have this yummy White Wine Mushroom Risotto and you shall enjoy wine in a form of a delicious food item. The taste of white wine and mushrooms tasted heavenly as I love them both. If you are a White Wine & Mushroom lover then this dish is ideal for you!


White Wine and Mushroom Risotto – The taste of wine all the way!

The tasting cannot complete until you taste anything sweet. The session ended with the yummy Chocolate Brownie Rolls. Do you need the specifications for this one too? I guess the dish says it all as it has the chocolate brownie in a rolled form and with a lot of chocolate sauce garnish on the top of it and served with classic vanilla ice cream. I just have one word for this, yummmmmmmm! 🙂


Chocolate Brownie Rolls – Great for your Souls 

I would like to thank the whole Team Taberna and Mr Andy for their warm hospitality and great food. You guys are doing a wonderful job. I will definitely be back to Taberna soon with my family and friends.

My ratings,

Taste- ☆☆☆☆

Presentation- ☆☆☆☆

Ambiance- ☆☆☆☆☆

Staff- ☆☆☆☆☆ (very courteous and warm)

Overall- ☆☆☆☆

Hope my review was helpful, can get in touch with me for any food queries or suggestions at belly.k6@gmail.com and can also follow me on Instagram! @bellykanungo

I’ll be back with a new place and new review soon!

Till then keep eating and keep your belly happy!:)

Taberna - The Cafe Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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