My Top 10 Favorites From 10 Downing Street’s New Menu


Situated at 2nd Floor, Malhar Mega Mall, AB Road, Indore 

As they say, old is gold! Similarly, 10 Downing Street aka TDS will always be gold to my heart as I have been coming here since its inception. I love their Ladies Nights on every Wednesdays and also their Karaoke Nights on every Thursdays. Be it a get together with friends or to have a fun dancing session with just my girl-gang, this place has never disappointed me.

I must congratulate their manager Mr. Sunil Gopal for having such a courteous staff and service. I personally would like to thank Akshay for always taking care of me and my friends on our visit, every time.


Just like those 70s style pubs – Dark-dim lights with chocolaty brown furniture with Pool Table and Foosball set up!!!


With a Centered Bar Counter – Just like the way I like

Now talking about food and drink, TDS is coming up with some new cocktails and dishes in their current menu for which, I was called over along with my fellow bloggers to taste them and enjoy their hospitality.

The menu was an elongated one! It was a combination of veg & non-veg soups, salads, starters, main course and desserts. Out of which, I have picked my 10 favorite ones that I would like to recommend for you to have it over here.

1.Chicken Pesto Soup:

In comparison to their veg soups, I really liked the non veg ones. The chicken pesto soup was a sheer delight to my mouth as the chicken chunks were tender and the creamy pesto was incredibly tasteful. This was my my favorite soup out of all the soups that I tasted over there. There was a perfect balance of peas, cream and chicken. I wish green veggies were as tasty as this green soup!


Chicken Peas Soup – Healthy Bhi! Tasty Bhi!

2. Leeks and Broccoli Chicken Soup: 

This was my another favorite one from the lot of soups! It just clears your throat and nose as it gives a warm burst of flavors starting from mouth to throat and taking it to the stomach. This clear soup has a hint of wine into it which makes it all the more tasty, accompanying by lots of broccoli, leeks and tender chicken. Clear hai? 😀


Leeks & Broccoli Chicken Soup – All Clear Soup

3. Tossed Chicken Salad 

The reason of recommending this basic salad is because it was nicely made. This could act as a great healthy snack too whilst having a drinking and chatting session with friends. The vegetables were nicely grilled and the flavor of lemon pepper was not that overpowering. So a great salad option for the non vegetarians! Though the vegetarians can try their Veg Grill Salad, which was nicely made too.


Grill Chicken Salad 

4. Mexican Cottage Cheese:

OH MY MY! The Mexican Cottage Cheese was equally good looking than the taste. It doesn’t for a second have me feel like I am eating just paneer as the cottage cheese stuffing with bell peppers, mushrooms and baby corns tasted so righteously tasty yet different that I just got myself lost in the burst of flavors in my mouth. The sauce on the top which was their home-made Mexican harisa sauce was the cherry on the top.

This was my favorite dish over here! I have also shared this dish on my instagram handle, can check on @bellykanungo


Mexican Cottage Cheese – Dekhte Hi Dil Aajaye!

5. Schezwan Cheese Balls:

Must have dish for all the cheese lovers! The extremely cheesy Schezwan Cheese Balls were full of cheese and full of tangy-ness at the same time. In short, it exactly tasted like Cheetos that we all used to eat in our childhood. 😀

The veg starters over here are highly recommended!


Schezwan Cheese Balls – Tasty, Tangy and Cheesy

6. Cocktails and Mocktails:

The place shall offer a wide range of cocktails and mocktails in the coming time. I tasted quite a few of both and trust me each cocktail is amazing in its own way.

Though, I highly suggest you to try the “Ecstasy” which is a mix cocktail of Mint, Pan Syrup, Lime Juice, Triple Sec, Bacardi Rum with Sugar Rim on the glass. The flavor of pan makes this cocktail super different from rest of the cocktails, therefore, it must be tried at least once. However, you have various other options too if you are not a fan of pan!

Like the Special Margarita, Daiquiri (Sweet & Sour syrup + Blackberry syrup + Rum), Tandy Fizz (Black Current syrup + Cranberry Juice + Sprite + Soda + Vodka) and the Melon Fant (Watermelon syrup + Orange juice + Sweet & Sour Mix + Sprite).

These cocktails can even be made non-alcoholic = Mocktails!


Rainbow of Cocktails !!!

7. Veg Dumpling in Soya Ginger:

This can be termed as a better version of Indian Manchurian Dish. I recommend this one if you love Chinese dishes like Chilly Paneer and Indian Manchurian. Veg Balls were soaked in Soya Ginger Sauce, making it a good starter dish with a beer pint on the side.


Veg Dumpling in Soya Ginger – Good Chinese Starter

8. Murg Kastoori Kebab:

This Tandoori version of Chicken with fresh coriander worked wonders for me! The combination of both – the tandoori chicken and coriander is unique with the chicken being so moist and tender that I felt like eating it more and more. You must try this one if you love Tandoori Chicken!


This Tandoori Kebab made my night into a Tandoori Night

9. Cottage Cheese Steak with Rice: (Main Course)

The vegetarians and paneer lovers shall love this one! Grilled cottage cheese with BBQ sauce and rice, doesn’t it sound like a great combination in itself? Well, the BBQ sauce definitely fills your soul and tummy when paired up with rice, whereas the cottage cheese acts as a mediator to combine both together. 😀


Cottage Cheese Steak with Rice – Karan Arjun ka Milan LOL

10. Chicken Paprika with Rice (Main Course):

Creamy is always tasty, isn’t it? Not in this case because this was not just tasty but very tasty. 😛 It was quite filling as the garlic creamy sauce was served with veggies and rice. The chicken was nicely cooked, very tender to taste and the bell peppers were complimenting the taste of the garlic paprika sauce. Overall, a must try from my side!


Chicken Paprika with Rice: Yummy and Filling at the same time

Though, there were desserts like the Blue Berry Cheesecake and Carrot Cake served as well, but a lot of improvement is required in both the desserts in terms of taste and recipe. I hope I will include their desserts too in my top recommendations next time, with improvements and transformations from their end.

My ratings,

Taste- ☆☆☆.5 (extra for the tender chicken in the dishes)

Presentation- ☆☆☆☆

Ambiance- ☆☆☆☆.5

Staff- ☆☆☆☆.5 (Point extra for Akshay)

Overall- ☆☆☆.5

Hope my review was helpful, can get in touch with me for any food queries or suggestions at and can also follow me on Instagram! @bellykanungo

I’ll be back with a new place and new review soon!

Till then keep eating and keep your belly happy!:)

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